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Battlefield 3 World Nations Tournament Report: South Africa vs Switzerland

Saturday we saw the clash of nations as a South African PlayStation Battlefield 3 team took on the meticulous Swiss in the 2013 World Nations Tournament. I caught up with our local team captain, Ruan "Mr-Beefy_PS" Kraft, for a report on the match.

2013 BF3 WNT.jpeg

How did Saturdays match go?

Wow some close matches!! We lost 2-1 vs the Swiss. We won the first round of map 1, Death Valley by 158 tickets and lost the second round by fewer than 30 tickets. This placed us in the lead 1-0. The second map, Karkand we were placed on defence and won by 2 tickets only. We then had to attack and struggled to break their defence and lost by about 70 tickets, making the score 1-1.The last round was played on Talah market. We had to attack first and once more their defence was strong and we lost by 190 tickets. That put us on our the back foot as we were suppose to defend and hold ground strong and not allowed to lose more than 60 tickets. That made the final score 2-1 to the Swiss!

Did you need to make any changes to your strats?

Not really no, we were just outplayed as they were running flags very fast and we could not counter their fast running routes.

What is South Africa’s standing in the 2013 World Nation’s Tournament?

Currently it is still in the pool stages, herewith the current standings:

1. UK 4 wins

2. France 3 wins

3. Swiss 2 wins

4. Netherlands 2 wins

5. South Africa 1 win

6. Ukraine 0 win

Whom will you face next and what are your expectations of the match?

Next week will be our last pool match vs Ukraine before the 16 Team single elimination bracket starts, where the top 4 of each pool will move on to. Also next week the Swiss and Netherlands will be playing, so if we beat Ukraine we will find ourselves in a tie with either Switzerland or Netherlands.

Any shoutouts?

Firstly thank you to MWEB GameZone for giving us this opportunity. Secondly just want to thank each and every player that shows so much hard work, commitment and dedication for this team event. For a team to have come together is such little time to play against tough international opponents is really a difficult mission. Well done!

MWEB GameZone wishes the team all the best for the rest of the tournament. They are a shining example of the South African resolve and commitment to see competitive console gaming break into the eSports arena. Much respect!


As many of you know, there has been some speculation and negative press regarding this team representing South Africa as the official, national Battlefield 3, PlayStation team. According to Craft his team is gearing up to follow the required steps in qualifying for Protea colours through Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA). I caught up with Colin Webster, president of the MSSA in order to shed some light on the the MSSA’s standing regarding the PlayStation team.

Is the MSSA interested in having a South African Battlefield 3 PlayStation team?

The MSSA is more than interested in having a South African Battlefield 3 PlayStation team. The MSSA does not play favourites. It will select teams for each and every platform if requested to do so by its membership.Already the MSSA has supported console gaming well over the past number of years by sending players to compete in FIFA and TEKKEN at the IeSF World Championships.

What are the current obstacles for this to realize?

By now everybody should know that the MSSA is an Association, and such is purely a vehicle through which gamers can make their views heard. Thus, it all comes down to whether there are gamers who are prepared to champion the cause. It is vital for such interested gamers to 'drive' this process in order to make sure that it is done.The biggest obstacle for this is membership. Unless, a gamer is a fully-paid-up Registered Player of the MSSA, the MSSA will not consider such player for an official team. Considering that the registration fees for the MSSA are a paltry R75.00 per annum, the benefits of membership far outweigh any cost thereof.

What does the Battlefield 3 PlayStation team need to do in order to get the ball rolling to qualify as the official South African team?

It is fairly formulaic to see the gamers get official teams going for PlayStation (or really any other platform for that matter). To do so, gamers must:

1. Make sure that they are a member of an affiliated club. To do this, the gamer can either join an existing club, or even start their own.

2. Encourage gamers who are interested in promoting the title and platform to volunteer their services.

3. Support the Regional, Provincial, and National LAN Championships as well as the on-line championships.

Contact: Battlefield 3 PlayStation Team / 2013 World Nations Tournament / MSSA

Closing thoughts

It seems to me that a big scene was made about a matter which actually just boils down to not enough time to follow required procedures. As Webster correctly pointed out, the MSSA is a legal entity with very specific requirements – which everyone has to follow. The benefits of a few simple requirements far outweigh the cost and effort.

Why are gamers so quick to jump to conclusions, eager to rage, but slow to follow discipline? Having a professional approach to gaming will benefit the whole community. Reporters and players, please take notice ;)

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