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Bungie’s Destiny - a world where the imagination is the only limitation

Bungie, the creators of Halo, one of console’s most successful first-person shooter (FPS) franchises has finally lifted the curtain on the next game to capture console players’ hearts for years to come, that game is called Destiny. According to Bungie, the only limitation to create a game that will be able to immerse players for the next 10 years is the limitation of the imagination of its creators, and at Bungie they have just enough crazy to pull it off.

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The mysterious sphere known as Traveller, unlock its secrets and harness its powers

The reveal trailer for Destiny briefly touches on the core aspects of the game:

  • An unknown force tried to destroy humanity during the golden age, when our civilization spanned the solar system.
  • Humanity was saved by The Traveller, a mysterious sphere that now marks the birthplace of a new type of human.
  • Destiny will be a multimedia, social game experience, with a planned lifespan of 10 years.
  • The universe is filled with strange, hostile creatures, all fighting for dominance.
  • You play as a Guardian of the city, a soldier able to wield some of the Traveller’s powers.
  • Although Destiny is a FPS, the game will feature different characters and classes.
  • Players will be able to experience single-player, as well as co-op missions.
  • Destiny players will be part of creating its story as it unfolds over the next 10 years.
  • Gamers can expect the same high quality, immersive music score that they were treated with in the Halo franchise.
  • The concept art promises a world that is unique and visually captivating.
  • The gameplay holds true to traditional FPS action, with a blend of magic and technology at its core.
  • The release date for Destiny has yet to be confirmed.

Source: Destiny Official Website


Destiny news from around the Net

"Destiny will be powered by an all-new graphics engine designed for use across multiple platforms", says Hao Chen, senior graphics architect. "For the past four years, we've worked hard to build a state-of-the-art graphics engine," Chen says of the engine tailor built for Destiny's "big, unique and complex" worlds. Polygon

“We built this game from the ground up to be social and cooperative,” says Jason Jones – the studio co-founder and Halo mastermind. Is Destiny an MMOFPS? Sort of. Is there a subscription fee? No, emphasized Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg. Does it require an Internet connection in order to play? Yes. IGN

Destiny has seven core features: A World Players Want to Be In, A Bunch of Fun Things to Do, Rewards Players Care About, A New Experience Every Night, Shared With Other People, Enjoyable By All Skill Levels, Enjoyable by the Impatient and Distracted. Forbes

"There's been a lot of rumours that we're working on an MMOFPS, whatever that is, or a social game," Jason Jones, Bungie co-founder and Destiny project director, says. "The truth is, if you enjoy first-person shooters and you play them on console, Destiny's going to be the best one you've ever played. That's our goal." Eurogamer

“We’re all storytellers”, Design Director Joe Staten said as he took the stage to showcase the personal narrative structure of the game. "We wanted to build a world where any story is possible. Stories that matter, stories that endure and earn a big audience, told by us. The legends of Destiny won’t be told by us, they’ll be told by the players. These will be personal legends built from shared adventures, where the hero is you." Lazygamer

Take a look at the reveal trailer for Destiny and drop us a comment on your expectations of the game.


Destiny promises to deliver an entirely new type of gaming experience for console players. Can anything be bigger than Halo? Bungie surely has the experience to pull this off. What do you think?

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