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Monday Wake Up Call

It's Monday and time for the weekly video games news wrap up. has System Shock 2, which is kind of great if you look past the graphics, mechanics and no controller support (Yes, I prefer it over the keyboard and mouse).There are mods to make it look better, so check the game out, it's only  $9.99.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Blame Game

 E3 2012 Expo Demo Of Aliens: Colonial Marines

If you checked around the interwebs, you’ll know that Aliens Colonial Marines did not stack up to what was expected.

If you haven't read the reviews, here’s the gist. The game sucked, tanked, failed and the characters were bland. The graphics engine glitched to such a degree that the player would be standing listening to inane NPC’s talking about brotastic stuff with voice acting you’d expect from old japanese RPG’s back in the 90’s, worst is that you really don't care what they’re talking about... at all.

The idea this game made it past certification shows you how little people care about video game quality when it comes to big names. To make things a bit worse, there is a debate on who actually made the game, Gearbox definitely had its hands in it, but does not wish to have the limelight in its failure. Also, in the video shown , definitely not the same when the game came out.

Sony Announcement this week:

February 20th 2013 18:00 PST, keep that time frame open to what the latest news from Sony, rumours are that they will be announcing the next generation console.

Besides that, maybe a Vita price cut or something amazing (Last Guardian release date maybe?).

Things to read for the week of 11 - 15 February:

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Other news from around the NET:

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