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Black Ops 2 Beta Ladders - Day 15 and its Rocking!

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We are just two weeks into the MWEB GameZone Black Ops 2 Beta ladders and the console Call of Duty community hasn't given their rifles a rest yet. Squads of soldiers have taken to the new ladder system with undying enthusiasm. With a staggering total of 465 matches played and 82 teams participating, this marks the Black Ops 2 Beta ladder challenge as one of the most successful console tournaments hosted in South Africa. With a minimum of 530 maps played, which translates to a minimum of 2 120 rounds in which carnage unfolded, it therefore comes as no surprise that we have seen drastic improvement in player skill on the Search and Destroy game mode.

The PlayStation 3 players seem to have continued the trend from day one, where they have out shined their console cousins in terms of participation and matches played. Herewith the current PlayStation and Xbox Search and Destroy Ladder breakdowns.

Xbox 360 Search & Destroy Ladder 


Total Teams: 34 

Total Matches Played: +/- 92

Total Amount of XP Awarded: 5332

Current Top Spot: Sector 17 LaTvia

PlayStation 3 Search & Destroy Ladder


Total Teams: 48 

Total Matches Played: +/- 373

Total Amount of XP Awarded: 23,939

Current Top Spot: F34R Elite

The main objective for the MWEB Black Ops 2 beta ladders was to get teams more active in the attempts to build a more predominant competitive community. So far we believe we have been successful, however the next steps in developing the competitive community will be to gain a more rounded structure to allow players to participate in more than just one mode.

We are looking forward to stepping out of the beta phase of our ladder system, but remember that your feedback will make this process that much smoother for us. So when you get the chance to rest those rifles and trigger fingers, please feel free to drop some of your thoughts on the beta ladder thus far. 

You can do so by letting us know via our Facebook or Twitter, or simply by dropping a comment down below. 

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