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Videogames: building a better weapons industry for your enjoyment

I have spent the morning reading a piece on about how video games fund the arms industry. As much as that sounds like a conspiracy theory from the depths of the abyss that is paranoia, it’s actually true, which I think is rather creepy.

How does this exchange of monetary funding actually work?

Well, you know how you play FIFA and the little soccer men wear actual Adidas football boots and Adidas gets a bunch of cashmoney…?

Same thing.

Weapon manufacturers earn royalties when the commercial trade names of their big guns are used in a video game. Check out the Call of Duty series if you’d like to see this practice in action.

Videogames become part of the New World Order propaganda machine as manufacturers refuse to allow trade names to be used unless they are presented in a favourable light. For this reason, you will only ever see the “good guys” using things that shoot under their real names (so SOZLOL for characters that can be considered to be “enemies of America”; you’ll only get to use made-up stuffs). The guns also have to function in-game as close as possible as to how they work in RL. This means that by playing, we’ll have an idea of what these things can do, both to other human beings and also operationally.

CONSPIRACY ALERT!!!1!!!1111!11111!!!!1

Speaking to Eurogamer, Ralph Vaughn of Barrett Rifles said

"Video games expose our brand to a young audience who are considered possible future owners."


And while I’ve never played an FPS, used a sniper rifle and thought “That was pretty sweet, I think I’ll buy myself a Barrett .50 cal the next time I’m at the supermarket,” it’s pretty weird when you hear kids of 13, like Aidin Smith, who said

"I have six pellet and BB guns. These include two BB guns, modelled on the M14 rifle and M1911 pistol, and two pellet guns, modelled on the AK-47 and M16. I also own an M14 BB rifle M1911 BB pistol. And I got an AK-47 rifle, M16 rifle.”


I don’t think that the above statement necessarily proves the power of advertising; and I’m not saying that he’s going to go out and buy a million guns and kill everyone with them, but that’s a lot of technical knowledge for one tiny mind. Just saying.

See another piece of mine along these lines here

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