Star Wars the Old Republic 1.7 Update

For the fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic, you’ll be glad to hear that the 1.7 update, Return of the Gree is now being deployed. Major features of this update include a new in-game event, “Relics of the Gree” which will be happening on the world of Ilum.

The new “Relics of the Gree” event will focus around the Western Ice Shelf on the planet of Ilum, with the arrival of an ancient and mysterious Gree vessel call the Gray Secant. Opportunities to earn new, sweet gear comes with this event, along with facing down a powerful enemy within the ship. The special game event will be happening from today through February 26th, but the event will be repeated again later, during the course of the year.


This update will also include the new reputation system, which will allow characters to earn a reputation with various organizations involved in this galactic struggle. Titles, as well as daily and weekly events will allow you to accrue reputation levels as well as reputation points which can be spent with new special vendors for equipment and weapons. Additionally, reputation will also carry across your legacy, so alternate characters you may be playing will also accrue these reputation levels and points. Free-2-Play accounts will benefit from this system, but fully subscribed characters will obviously see a bonus in accruing these accolades.


For more info, check out the Galactic Reputation Blog, the Gree Event Blog, as well as the upgrade schedule notice.

I can’t wait to beat the snot out of some Republic do-good Jedi. See you in world PVP!

Thanks to Massively for the alert, SWTOR pages as the sources linked above!

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