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3 Reasons Why Gears of War Judgement Mulitplayer Might Fail


Gears of War Judgement is around the corner and is slowly but surely creating a buzz around the next saga of Baird and Kilo squad. As we approach the next title in the series we are greeted with some new additions to the next episode of the saga. Some of these additions have been welcomed, but mostly, Gears of War fans are looking at the next title with a slightly disheartened perspective. This disappointment has mostly been derived from the recent announcements of all the new additions to Judgement as seen in the latest trailer. Today we will cover just some of the things that could potentially lead the Gears of War:Judgement to failure. So without further delay, let's rev our chainsaws at 3 things which are going make us wish we were frag tagged to the back of a beserker.


Sawed-off shotgun is back, and it gets worse.

The sawed-off shotgun has been one of the worst additions to the Gears of War series to date, because it allows players to play a cheap style of gameplay, meaning it allows players to play negatively by hiding and racking up score. The addition of the sawed off was originally greeted with seasoned players up in arms about how the weapon encouraged a defensive styled play in a game that is usually based on map progression and control. Now in Judgement, things are going to get even worse by the addition of an extra bullet for the sawed off.  This is going to turn the respawn gamemodes into one of your new favorite raging lobbies around every corner.

Boomshield gets a big upgrade


It is a well known fact that the boomshield is one hell of a piece of equipment. It allows you to defend yourself against an onslaught of bullets and explosions. Traditionally you could only use the boomshield with a pistol, which could be argued is powerful enough. Now things have once again been taken to the next level. The boomshield will be able to be used in tandem with any standard weapon, which means that if you thought that the pistol was bad, you are going to hate the new overpowered nature of the boomshield.

Free for all

Free for All (FFA) is going to be a tough cookie to crack for the developers of Gears of War:Judgement. Due to the fact that FFA is a mode that is synonymous with failure. Across the board games have struggled to get the balance between the spawning system and gun play correct. Even for a franchise,like Call of Duty, that have been doing a FFA mode for ages, still to this day can't seem to get it right. This modes success is now riding on the back of Gears of War: Judgement to get right which is going to be a difficult hill to climb especially when their current title, Gears of War 3, still manages mess up the spawning system. Take for example their respawn modes such as Team Deathmatch, where teams can easily manipulate spawns to gain the upper hand.

With all the new weapons and the additions to older weapons, the balance in FFA is going to be one long hard uphill struggle. With all the above being said, there is still some positive aspects to this game mode. Yet at this stage, with recent announcements, I cant help wonder what the developers are thinking when it come to game balance in multiplayer. It is going to be a tricky effort to get this title up and running without the bugs. Especially since Gears has been know for their patch issues that have plagued previous Gears of War titles, none so more than Gears of War 2. Here is to hoping Epic can get it right and prove to be the title we have all waited for so long for, for now I will remain skeptical until judgement day. 

Do you agree the above or do you believe I got it completely wrong? Will you be preordering the next Gear of War title? Let us know! 

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