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Battlefield 3 Nations Cup report: South Africa vs Russia

This past Sunday, Team eSports South Africa faced off against the Motherland in the Battlefield 3 Clanbase XVI Nations Cup. I caught up with our team’s captain, Barry "Anthraxza" Louzada for the rundown on their second match of the tournament.

SA BF3 Team - Cape Town Members.jpg

Battlefield Team SA, the Cape Town contingent at the MWEB offices to receive their shirts on 08.01.2013. Left to Right: Dean Seyfried, Theuns Louw, Daniel Towse

Give us the rundown on Sunday’s match against the Team Russia

The maps were Kharg Island and Seine Crossing. The main aim was for both teams were to try and get the ‘air map’ Kharg Island to be played on their server as the ping factor was ALWAYS going to be an issue.Russia wanted to play on a neutral server in Germany to try and make it fair for both teams. We still would have been playing with a ping of 200 and Russia with a ping of 70, so we didn’t see that as being neutral. So forcing a 50/50 game we played one map on their server and one map on ours, which meant Russia got to choose what map they played on their server.

Map 1: Kharg Island played on Russian server. Russia wins: 455/0

Playing Kharg Island on the Russian server was interesting to say the least. With over 250 ping it was almost impossible to be competitive in the air, they therefore ended up destroying our infantry and armor squads on the ground. Playing against international teams over the last couple of weeks has really changed the way we look at the game and play ‘air maps’ as it is completely different to the way we play them in South Africa.

Both rounds on Kharg Island were lost to Russia with a total of 440 tickets so going into Seine Crossing was going to be difficult. The team was obviously disappointed as we felt helpless to show what we have to offer on a competitive level due to the ping issue. Honestly I was really proud of my guys, they never gave up and there was no complaining, just complete and utter dedication to the game and working to get as much out of the map as we could get.

Map 2: Seine Crossing played on a local server. SA wins: 157/72

Moving onto Seine Crossing the guys were feeling a little more excited about giving Russia a go on our turf. We had the chance to show them exactly how competitive we can be. We decided to take the US side which on Seine Crossing is the harder side to play. We went on to control the map for most of the first round, but Russia fought back nicely with new tactics that again we haven’t been privy to on the South African servers. We lost the first round by 70 tickets, but we always knew that the US side was going to be harder. Changing sides we were now playing RU and after 5 minutes had managed to pin Russia in their base for the majority of the game.

We went on to win the second round by 156 tickets, which meant we won the map on ticket difference. Due to the big ticket difference from Kharg Island though we lost the overall game. I don’t think Russia felt they were going to lose that game and perhaps may have under estimated us, as playing a predominantly infantry map with higher ping is substantially easier than ‘air maps’

Taking a look at team morale

Once again I was immensely proud of the boys, they truly showed good character and we believe we have learnt a lot from the games we have played. I feel that the team can honestly only go from strength to strength. There was also a lot of support from the local community, which is awesome and makes us want to do our best and make everyone proud of us. We want nothing more than to show the competitive gaming world see that South Africa has a lot to offer.

Tell us about your next match

Our next match is against Spain this coming Sunday the 17th of February at 20:00 CET the maps we will be playing are Firestorm and Operation Metro. We feel confident about playing Spain and we have already got 2 practice games lined up in preparation for the game.

Clanbase Standings.JPG

Sean McCalgan does the live streaming for the cup’s matches. I’ve asked him to give us his take on Team eSports South Africa’s chances in the cup. ”I feel we have a very good chance of making playoffs at this stage. I can safely say that many EU players are already surprised at the level we play at on the ground maps, but it is difficult to compete with the strong air teams overall. In the Clanbase Playoffs teams pick their own maps, as opposed to an elimination system like in the local DGL, this means we will be stuck playing the air maps through the whole tourney. At least South Africa is getting international exposure, and for that we are extremely grateful.”

Make sure to tune into the live stream for Sunday match against Spain at 20:00 CET!

Contact Info: Clanbase | MSSA | Team eSports SA | Suupmolk Live Stream


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