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Limited Edition SimCity Heroes and Villians pack looks awesome

The latest version of the SimCity series is to be released on 5th March this year. And if you order now, you’ll be one of the lucky few to receive the limited edition Heroes and Villains pack. Turn your city into the stuff comic books are made of!


This pack will make your game more interesting as it gives you the ability to create organised crime syndicates in your city. Unlock an extremely evil and dastardly criminal mastermind by placing Dr. Vu’s Evil Lair in your city. Make loads of moneys in high-tech development and then deal with the chaos and disorder Dr. Vu’s henchmen exact on your city and its tiny citizens.


How do you deal with the situation above? You will also be able to upgrade your police squad to a superhero! Place Maxis Man’s Superhero HQ somewhere in your city and he will fight crime and protect your city from nefarious influences.


Each character gets their own teeny-tiny vehicles and such and I just find these things too adorable. Take a look at this trailer for the limited edition SimCity pack and see just how much fun you are actually going to have if you play it:

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