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Dead Space: A Journey through terror parts 1- 3

The Dead Space series is known for taking players through a descent into madness and terror. This is achieved by: confronting the main protagonist, Isaac Clarke with his personal fears and feelings of guilt, by masterfully manipulating the game environment with light, in order to create an atmosphere of absolute terror and suspense and in focusing the gameplay on killing enemies in the most gruesome ways possible.

In anticipation for the release of Dead Space 3, Electronic Arts created a four part mini-series which highlights each of these aspects.

Part 1: Isaac Clarke's Journey


“A systems engineer on a team responding to a distress call onboard the USG Ishimura, his life changes forever when they discover the Necromorphs - hideous and deadly creatures reconstructed from the dead crew members. Isaac tries to rescue the Ishimura's survivors, including his girlfriend Nicole with whom he communicates several times, only to discover that she took her own life prior to his arrival on the ship. A religious artefact known as the Marker had manipulated his mind. Isaac eventually escapes the Necromorph outbreak intact, but is left broken and heavy with guilt over Nicole's death.

Three years later Isaac awakens from stasis on a huge station orbiting Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Unfortunately for him, he awakens in the midst of yet another Necromorph outbreak. Gradually, he discovers that whilst he was unconscious his knowledge of the Markers was accessed by EarthGov and used to create blueprints for more Markers to be built, including one on Titan Station itself.

Though still suffering dementia from his feelings of guilt over Nicole's death, Isaac again manages to stop the Necromorph outbreak despite being pursued by EarthGov and the fanatical Church Of Unitology. Helped by a fellow Titan survivor Ellie, he again escapes into space.

But their part in this tale is far from over..”

Part 2: The Art of Scares

“Lighting in Dead Space is a crucial tool in creating atmosphere; lights can direct player focus to specific objects or locations, give some small comfort in the dark, offer tactical assistance, or even provide tension through their utter unreliability.
The lighting in Dead Space has been specifically designed to evoke a dingy and dilapidated feeling, to match the dated and broken-down technology that the characters use.

Each of the locations featured in the Dead Space series has its own unique look and feel, but all feature gothic style architecture designed to make human body parts spring to mind. Necromorphs are also designed with human anatomy in mind, as they're made to vaguely resemble the people they once were. The Necromorphs haunt Isaac everywhere he goes, but he isn't going down without a fight.”

Part 3: Core Gameplay Features

“The games have always maintained a minimal heads-up display to maintain atmosphere and immersion, and all of the information the player needs is working directly into the game's environment. Isaac's background as an engineer, rather than a soldier, also has a direct impact on the games. The weapons he uses are modified tools, and he's able to upgrade and modify them at special weapons benches. Isaac is also able to use his engineering expertise to hack doors and consoles, and access vents that provide crucial shortcuts to other parts of the ship.

As the only sure way to kill a necromorph is to cut off their limbs, Stasis and kinesis modules are essential survival tools. Stasis can slow down a Necromorph long enough to provide Isaac with a clear shot, whilst Kinesis can help traversal or even turn everyday objects into life-saving weapons. Isaac will also need to make his way across zero-gravity areas and operate in vacuums where oxygen is in short supply. Thankfully for Isaac, he no longer has to stand alone.”

Part 4 will be released tomorrow.

Source: Games Press

So, armed with insight into what awaits you in Dead Space 3, do you feel more scared, or better prepared to enter this mad journey? Will you face the Necromorphs as a lone hero, or will you be playing it with a comrade in arms?

Dead Space 3 is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in South Africa today, drop us a comment on your expectation of the game.

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