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Tomb Raider survival tips: Fast Travel and pimping your gear

Everyone’s favourite big-breasted grave desecrator returns this year in Tomb Raider, the 9th instalment in the series, which will provide us with an origin story for protagonist Lara Croft.


The story begins with Lara stranded on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan, an island which she obviously has to spend time exploring or there would be no point to the game. The helpful folk at developers Square Enix have provided us with a series of Youtube videos designed to help us navigate our way around the island. Things that I learned about this morning are:

1. Using base camps for Fast Travel


When Lara completes the tasks assigned to an area of the island, any base camps discovered there will be marked on your map. You can then travel between these base camps without having to actually walk/run/backflip there by using lightspeed teleportation i.e. Fast Travel. This means that you can return to any area to re-explore it to collect xp (it seems this is done by slaughtering innocent deer in the manner of Bambi), salvage or to find clues to the mystery you may have missed the first time.

2. Way Points

Way Points act as markers for Lara’s journey through the main story line. Travelling to base camps will put her main adventure on hold and she can then use these way points to return to the part of the story she was involved in once she is finished with her xp gathering and whatnot.

3. Gear Gating


At the beginning of the story, Lara is pretty sucky at things like cliff-climbing due to her lack of experience points. This means that she will almost certainly have to return to many areas on the island once she has learned about stuff like using a shotgun, which, aside from its obvious uses, allows her to shoot through barricades and unlock new rooms in the tomb she is exploring. You will also get to upgrade existing weapons such as her bow. Fire arrows feature here and you will also find rope arrows that Lara can use to create her own zip lines (ready: foofy slides) to navigate to previously inaccessible areas.


If you don’t understand what I’ve said here, which is highly likely, please do feel free to watch the original video.

Subscribe to the tombraider channel on Youtube to watch more instructional videos.

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