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South Africa vs Russia in the Clanbase Battlefield 3 Nations Cup

On Sunday, February 10th, Team eSports South Africa faces off against Team Russia in the Battlefield 3 Clanbase Nations Cup. Russia had a magnificent victory in the Cup’s opening match, beating Spain with a final score of 330-5 (played Caspian Border & Grand Bazaar).

I caught up with our local team captain, Barry Louzada for a chat about competing in the international arena.


How does it feel to represent your country in an international match of this scope?

It is always nice to play for your country there is obviously a lot of pressure that goes with it on so many levels. It is also a very different kind of game to what we are used to in the local community, very hard to explain until people have played on an international competitive level. At the end of the day there are a lot of people that would love this opportunity and there is a great feeling of achievement.

How do you feel about playing against Russia?

Playing against Russia, well we don’t really know anything much about the teams and how well they play. I have spoken to their team captain and he seems like quite a nice guy. It is our first game in the nations cup so there is a sense of excitement about playing them.

What is the team doing to prepare for the match?

We have been running through our strats fine tuning them and going through positioning. We have also played some practice games against some of the teams competing in the cup which has helped us see how the international community play differently to us. Also watching a lot of replays with the teams and seeing how they go through their motions.

How confident are you about the match, any predictions?

I don't like to do predictions at all, all I can say is the best team on the night will win and I have complete and utter faith that my guys are going to give everything they have.

What is your final line up?

The team will be the full team selected as we need to swap players out for different maps and because we are playing two different maps on Sunday we are going to probably work our way through all 12.

Any shoutouts?

I would like to thanks Colin Webster and Desmond Kurz for all their help and support, as well as the Bravado Gaming management for being understanding and supportive.

A few words from Mr Colin Webster, president of the MSSA

The MSSA is confident that the choice made for the 2013 National Team is the best possible choice that could have been made. There is no doubt that the team selected currently represents the best players in South Africa. Thus the MSSA is convinced that the SA National Team will hold South Africa's flag high and will do South Africa proud!

This team is yet another stepping stone in the development of eSports as a sporting choice. The lessons learnt from 2012 and from selecting this team, will enable the MSSA to further promote online international competitions. Of course none of it could have been done without the support of MWEB. MWEB has proved itself to be invaluable to the MSSA, the gamers, and the long-term vision of eSports as a whole.

A few words from Desmond Kurz, MWEB GameZone Online Gaming Manager

I'd like to wish the team all the best. I hope they do well against the other nations and I especially hope that they take the opportunity to learn from other countries and that they take these learnings and experience back to the other BF3 teams in South Africa.

This competition is a great way to elevate the status of SA gamers internationally and I'm sure they will do us proud!

Additional Info


Clanbase competitions allow for the placing of bets, as of this morning, Team Russia is the favorites with € 16.250 to € 1.000. Live streaming of the match will be done by Sean McCalgan, link up to the stream Sunday at 7pm here.

Team Russia: DexteR (manager) Angel, BlaZze, Broze02, Djin_rus_86, Epsilon-uNFixed, ExAiming, First noob *, HACOK, hazard, KulBiT, Qwaba, sergeant.coolagin, Vivisektor_312, XaocuT

Team eSports South Africa: Anthraxza( Captain), 5abre, Crincler, enigma-shifty, Grizzlah_ZA, HackeM, lCouchl, ScopeR, Steigerz, WraithFiend, SilenceRbb(Reserve)

Contact Info: MSSA Facebook | Twitter / Clanbase: Website / Team eSports SA (Bravado Gaming): Facebook / Twitter


On Friday Team eSports South Africa will receive their Protea colours from Mind Sports South Africa in a ceremony at the MCave. The Director of Sports Development from the Western Cape Government, Mr Thabo Tutu will be handing out the national team colours and Desmond Kurz, MWEB GameZone's Online Manager will be the host of the event.

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