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Beta Ladders: Day 1 Review

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The grenade that is the Mweb Black Ops 2 ladders was unpinned yesterday at 12am. The ensuing explosion was testament to the teams anticipation as the squads of players sprang into action. Teams had issued their challenges and now it was a waiting game to see exactly who they would be facing off against. It seems that squads were not shy to dive right into the combat as last night alone we saw a total of 42 matches played! 

It seems that the Playstation3 CODers were the most hungry for competition as they managed to complete more than 3 times more matches than their Xbox 360 constituents. Here is a full breakdown of the all the stats for the respective consoles.

Xbox 360 Search & Destroy Ladder:


Total Teams: 36

Total Matches Played: +/-10

Total Amount of XP awarded:440

Current Top Spot: Splash Zone & Team Xtaz 

Amount of Teams that completed matches: 5 

Playstation 3 Search & Destroy Ladder:


Total Teams: 46 

Total Matches Played: +/- 32 Matches

Total Amount of XP awarded: 1744

Current Top Spot: 13K

Amount of Teams that completed Matches: 20 

The PlayStation 3 ladder has seen a huge amount of activity with in the fist day and with that activity comes some great news. One of the prizes that were announced earlier this week was that the first team to accumulate 300xp would be awarded 1xR250 Kalahari voucher. Currently we have two teams that have reached the 300xp mark and they are 13k as well as F34R Elite. We have therefor decided that both teams will be awarded with 1xR250 each! 

Now on the Xbox 360 side it looks like it is a three horse race, between Xtaz, Splash Zone and SA Reavers, to claim that elusive 300xp voucher.  Remember there are still several other prizes up for grabs and the next one up for grabs will be the 1st team to complete and successfully report 5 matches. For a full listing of all the prizes please go here.

What has been  an extremely eventful first day will hopefully translate into one hell of a month for console Black Ops 2 players! We would like to thank all of our participants for taking part in day 1 and wish luck to all our competitors that still have to play their first games. Remember this is the beta and we need your feedback on our ladder system to make it the best possible gaming experience possible!

If you have any questions about the ladders or about Mweb Gamezone and competitive gaming don't shy away and feel free to ask by dropping a comment below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook.   

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