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LA Noire Hilarious Blooper Reel!

Depth Anyalisis, the minds behind the face scanning technology used in L.A Noire, have recently released the first video gaming motion-captured blooper real. In this video we see just exactly how amazing the technology behind the game really is! 

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The video captures is the human aspect behind the characters which is both hilarious as well as jaw dropping. In the video we see some hilarious outtakes from the actors, as they stick out their tongues at flopped lines and even a reaction to an on stage fart.... 

LA Noire was the mystery solving sandbox game developed Team Bondi and Published by Rockstar games in 2011. One of the main focuses on the project was to concentrate on the human relationship in the search to progress the character development. This was one of the major accomplishments of the game. What the 'blooper reel' does is highlight these features in the best way possible, by drawing attention to the mistakes that were made during the filming process. This might be a chance to entertain but what the video really does is allow you to relate, which in turn makes you quickly forget that you are watching a video game... which is a hugely powerful tool. This is surely not the last we have seen from Depth Anylisis, watch out for more down the line for the next sandbox game released by Rockstar. 

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