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Everyone should play Surgeon Simulator 2013


The amount that I want to play Surgeon Simulator 2013 probably indicates that there is something intrinsically wrong with my psyche considering that I’ve just watched the preview video which consisted mainly of a bunch of blood and a lot of body parts being detached from the places they need to be in order to perform their vital functions, like breathing for instance. Also, you might have gleaned from the above that the game is not exactly a "simulator" in the strictest sense of word.


Surgeon Simulator 2013 allows you to guide the hands of Nigel Burke, an average guy who has to perform surgery for no instantly identifiable reason. How do you guide his hands? One finger at a time. Yes, friends, this game is QWOP with surgery and pretty much gives you free licence to kill and maim because you will suck at it (to be fair, the patients probably would have died post-op anyways, because Nigel doesn’t wear gloves while digging around inside them).


The game was stitched together (see what I did there!) by a four-person team made up of Tom Jackson, James Broadley, Luke Williams, and Jack Good as part of the Global Game Jam last weekend, which had the theme “a beating heart.” A company called Bossa is now looking to make it into a release for Steam and are developing the game even further adding things like emergency surgery and different locations. Check out its Greenlight page here, where you can give your own suggestions and stuff. While we wait for the full game, you can play the prototype here. Now go my pretties! Kill! Kill! :D



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