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The MWEB GameZone annual PK award

A picture says more than a thousand words, so instead of explaining to you what the PK award is, a picture…


Get it :D?

Award the GameZone way

So, instead of us stuffing our opinions down your throat and deciding for you which game of 2012 was the worst of them all, we are opening up the floor for you to choose. This is the criteria for the game to earn the PK award:

  • You were so excited about the game; you made plans to take off from work/school, send your partner away and/or disappear for a weekend alone with said game.
  • Purchasing The Game took highest priority on your budget.
  • You robbed, borrowed or purchase the necessary upgrades to your rig in order to play it.
  • You followed all the news regarding The Game.
  • Had numerous discussions with your friends about The Game.
  • Finally, you played The Game, and after a few hours in that world, you wanted to hand out the biggest PK to all parties involved in creating It.

This is your chance to give that virtual P*@#Klap. We took the liberty of selecting the worst games of 2012 according to our staff opinions and the general feeling from reviewers around the world.

MWEB GameZone PK Award Nominees

  1. Medal of Honor: Warfighter - 55 Metascore, 5.8 User Score
  2. Need for Speed: Most Wanted - 84 Metascore, 5.7 User Score
  3. Diablo 3 - 88 Metascore, 3.8 User Score
  4. Never Dead - 50 Metascore, 4.7 User Score
  5. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor - 38 Metascore, 2.4 User Score
  6. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - 82 Metascore, 4.3 User Score
  7. Game of Thrones - 58 Metascore, 5.8 User Score
  8. Ninja Gaiden 3 - 58 Metascore, 4.8 User Score
  9. AMY - 25 Metascore, 3.9 User Score
  10. The War Z - 23 Metascore, 1.3 User Score

It’s time to vote for the worst game of 2012, follow this link and let the PK rip. You are welcome to add your own PK game nomination to the existing list.


Original meme by Curt Swan, PK adjustments by Stephanie Duchenne

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