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Taunting: is it even a thing?

I read almost all of an article on this morning about non-verbal taunting in gaming and how it’s a great method of making your opponent mad; so great that one can in fact consider it akin to teabagging in its effectiveness. I read almost all of the argument and then thought, “Is it really?”


I play Quake online, because it’s pretty much the only game my laptop can run without constant freezing (for Quake it only freezes when I change from full screen to windowed mode). In all honesty, I find the head-bobbing motions that you can make your little guy do extremely amusing as opposed to intimidating, but at the same time, I’m not very good (read: I’m awful). The internet tells me that competitive gaming involves a lot of psychology and mind-games and so I decided to ask some competitive gamers from Clan /xTc/ what they thought about taunting and because they are lovely, they helped me out:


Chevon “gi_j4n3” Rodgers: Personally I actually get irritated by people's binds when they are owning me and they use it on purpose. Let's just say those things get to me mentally and it helps the enemy. If I would switch it off I would be a better player. Plus, my binds are so sweet why can’t others be nice, but for the DGL competition [starts tonight folks!- PMB] I'm changing mine to bite some people's asses too XP But yes, it’s highly annoying and very irritating and it makes me rage.
Shhhh, don't tell anyone my secret Kryptonite :( [Sorry that I just did Chevon, I love you <3 – PMB]

Mark “M4nimal” Gazzard: Head bobbing... No, not offended at all... Although, what many arrogant gamers do, is stand over your dead virtual corpse, then press crouch/stand/crouch/stand over and over making it appear as if they're "humping you" as a way of saying "you just got owned". I prefer to throw binds out, like a simple smiley face at a crucial turning point in the game (like when I take lead in frags) because I know it’s going to annoy and possibly throw off their game even more.

Advice: ignore the taunts, it comes with the territory. Get your own binds so you can "pay back" when the time is right!

Stephanie “panda_jerK” Duchenne: Yes, I’m including myself here because as of next week I will be a competitive gamer and also, that term doesn’t dictate that you have to win anything. So. I don’t find intimidating or annoying, but maybe that’s because I’m not serious enough due to being a terrible and existential person. As for keybinds, I performed a social experiment a couple of weeks back, part of which entailed spamming binds in order to annoy people immensely and I although my experiment failed, one positive outcome was that I’m immune to all of that stuff now. As for teabagging, I like to call it the "victory crouch" like the Halo peeps because it’s just awesome. I've stopped trying to teabag people though because I always get fragged mid-facecoitus.

Pieter “Senshi” van Nieuwenhuizen: YOU JUST GOT GANGNAM STYLED B**** [I’m not sure what that means, but it makes me angry as hell - PMB]

Chris “Staticyo” Clarke: Personally, the taunts make me laugh. Sometimes they taunt but shoot at the same time, which makes me lol. I think tea-bagging your dead enemy is awesome, and I think it should be encouraged :) If you don't want to be T-Bagged, don't die :P


If I’m correct, which I rarely am, I think that we see a pattern here. It appears that the part of that article that I read was a lie. What we have learned today is:

1. Spamming keybinds is really, really annoying, especially when they are slightly (or incredibly) offensive. Even if they aren’t offensive, the sound of that high-pitched chat beep going off continuously will make your eardrums bleed, because we all play with earphones turned to full volume.

2. No-one should be allowed to say anything involving the words “Gangnam Style” ever again.

3. Teabagging > Taunting, always. However, although taunting is silly and makes us lol, this doesn’t mean you have to stop doing it, because its comedic value has been established.

These things are now science and you can now consider your day as being full of win because you’ve learned something and you can have a picture of this T-shirt that states you ain't even mad:



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