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Dead Space 3 – Think like an Engineer

Dead Space 3 delivers terror to our screens in less than 9 days. To help players prepare for the Necromorph plague, Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer, handed out some nifty tips on the developer’s blog. The backbone for playing the game like a pro is to remember that before Isaac Clarke was thrown into the role of bad-ass soldier, he was an engineer.


In Dead Space 3 your biggest asset is therefore not your trigger finger, it is your brains and your most powerful asset is the scavenger bot.

Papoutsis explains, “The Scavenger Bot is an autonomous robot that can harvest resources for you and deliver them to the Tool Construction bench. Resources include stuff like somatic gel, scrap metal, tungsten - materials that you can use to craft into anything you want, like a health pack or weapon part.

As a replacement for DS2’s credits, resources are a key part of the Dead Space 3 experience, and their placement in the game has been well thought out by our game designers. Whether by looting enemies, opening lockers, or exploring the world, you’ll find more than enough resources in-game to fully experience DS3 on any difficulty level. The scavenger bot's purpose is to give you an extra edge, since there's a bit of gameplay (and risk/reward) to using him and finding the richest resource caches. You can also choose to download upgrades to the scavenger bot that double his capacity or speed up his trips to the bench. What will you do with all those extra resources? Be crafty! Think like an engineer. Build some ridiculous tool of terror. Just don't forget to craft something that will help you survive...”

The scavenger bot will also find Ration Seals, “These ancient slips were used by the crew of the barracks and warships you'll discover to purchase things like food, drinks, and magazines. (Life was tough in the Sovereign Colonies.) Fictionally, crew could exchange Ration Seals for “Resource Packs,” and so can Isaac. Resource Packs are another optional way to acquire resources in Dead Space 3, and they reward hardcore players for fully exploring the world. Here’s a tip: don’t let those Ration Seals you find just pile up and collect dust – exchange them for a Resource Pack! And should you choose, these Resource Packs are available as DLC. We added this feature as a convenience for gamers who decide they want a pick-me-up right away. DS3 isn’t designed to require Resource Packs, but they’re an option that’s available should you decide to use it – the choice is yours”, says Papoutsis.

Source: Dead Space 3 Blog

Dead Space 3 releases on February 5 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You can pre-order the game through Origin for exclusive bonus content.


How are you planning to approach the deadly planet of Tau Volantis? Will you go in guns blazing, or will you take on the challenges with the calculated mind of an Engineer?

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