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The Case of the Mistaken Developer

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Now see this here, this is the proof that Keanu Reeves and his matter-eating space locust swarm totally should not destroy the earth in a big-budget, but mediocre Hollywood sci-fi remake of a 1950s classic film that I have never seen co-staring Will Smith's leitjie.

In a show of unnecessary - but still awesome - magnanimity Bungie, the original developers of Halo, decided to handle a customer complaint about a game they had no part in developing. After receiving a malfunctioning copy of Halo 4 as a gift and with no way to return or refund it, Timothy - yes his name is really Little Timmy - mistakenly wrote to Bungie asking for some resolution to his dilemma. With dev duties for the Halo franchise having shifted to the Microsoft owned dev studio 343 Industries, Bungie had no obligation to even answer Little Timmy. But they answered him anyway, in the most dapper of manners, it should be said.

Bungie Community Manager David Dague, better know as DeeJ, grabbed his pipe, donned his smokers jacket, sparked up the fireplace and wrangled the company tiger to responded to Little Timmy request like an gentleman.

"We hate nothing more than seeing a good gamer, like yourself, separated from a good game like Halo 4," Deej said. "Therefore, it would be our pleasure to provide you with a copy of Halo 4 directly from our extensive video game library."

And thus the world was saved and many internet points were given.

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