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Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Light Machine Guns

Our next weapon in discussion for the Tips & Tricks series for Black Ops 2 sees us uncover the world of Light Machine Guns, more commonly known as LMGs.  LMGs are great for several reasons, the main reason being that they come equipped with tons of ammo and allow for you to be constantly active on the battlefield.  However, LMGs also have a down side being that they cause your movement speed as well as your reload speed to decline dramatically. LMGs are the perfect weapon for defensively trying to lock down an area. Today we will be discussing the top 3 LMG's for Black Ops 2 multiplayer.


The MK 48 has the highest damage per bullet out of all the LMG's; it also has the best range. However, a downside to he MK 48 is the fact that it has the slowest rate of fire at 600 rpm, which means that your area of expertise when using the MK48 will be at mid-long range. This is due to the fact that most close range battles will be lost to SMG and shotgun players whereas you will be able to compete with the likes of most of the weapons and win against a majority on the battlefield in mid-long-range battles. One of the most important things to remember when using the MK 48 is your limits of range. Mainly being close range, that is why it is always best to rotate yourself in areas where your line of sight exceeds 10-15 meters.


The LSAT is the perfect LMG for all scenarios. It has the lowest recoil out of all the LMG's which makes it relatively easy to use. One of the main detriments of the LSAT is its slow rate to ADS (aim down sight) thus using quick draw as an attachment is highly recommended. One attachment to stay away from is rapid fire, due to the fact that the LSAT rate of fire pushes up to the 1000 rpm mark with it on, which is a bit of an overkill when using this weapon. The LSAT is definitely the most versatile of all the LMG's.


The HAMR is one of the most interesting LMG's and gets its rating as the number one LMG for that exact reason. That reason is not due to its damage and range that is on par with the LSAT. It is also not due to the fact that its magazine size. It all comes down to the fact that the HAMR has the unique quality of firing its first 7 bullets at a rate more than 200 rpm faster than its standard speed. This means that the first 7 bullets are firing faster than most SMG's, which means that short range battles can be won even against the dominators of that area. It however doesn’t stop there; the HAMR also does reasonably well in the long range arena. With the added addition of a long barrel you will be able to do extremely well in the short and long range. One key not is to tap on your trigger to ensure that you get 7 or less bullets out per burst. This will allow you to keep your high fire rate up.

That concludes our tips and tricks for today are sure to check out our other tips and tricks if you managed to skip a briefing.  We will catch you on the winning side of the battlefield soldiers, you are dismissed! 

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