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Why we gaming journalists should learn to check our facts more often


There are approximately one million, five hundred and seventy six thousand, four hundred and two point zero eight (I wrote it in words because I don’t know what that looks like in numbers)unconfirmed rumours flying around the Internet about the Xbox 720. So many unconfirmed rumours and concoctions not necessarily based in truth that it’s sort of becoming like reading a fantasy/lo-fi science fiction novel. And one gamer in particular found this extremely annoying and decided to troll his (or her) own back on the spreaders of these aforementioned rumours.


A noble random gamer embarked on a campaign to raise awareness of the silliness of gaming journalism’s habit of presenting guesswork as fact by performing a social experiment. Donning the guise of an anonymous Microsoft employee, she (or he) fabricated a mess of plausible-sounding stuff about the console and emailed it to a bunch of people. And within hours, these fictions were displayed gaming blogs all over the world wide web, even making an appearance on sites like Yahoo (not that I’m trying to market  the site as some sort of encyclopaedia of complete truth, I’m just pointing out that it’s well-established).

If you’ve heard or read that next Xbox will just be called the Xbox or that the console will act as a hub for the “X-surface” gaming tablet as well as other things that Microsoft is yet to announce, chances are you’ve come into contact with this gamer’s work. Read the blog where he (or she) revealed himself right here. Because she (or he) clearly has a meticulous work ethic, screenshots of all emails sent are posted for your enjoyment. The gamer says:

I feel bad for lying, but it proves the point very well.

And in all honesty, it does.


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