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Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games 2013


I think we can all agree that 2012 gave us some great games to occupy our time with. There was a multitude of quality triple-AAA games to choose from, though admittedly it was sequel heavy. But bolstering great games like Mass Effect 3, Halo 4 and Black Ops II was an excellent, and unexpected selection of smaller releases, like Walking Dead, Journey and Mark of the Ninja, to round off an incredibly diverse year. If you weren't able to find at least one game last year that blew you away, then you have no business calling yourself a gamer.

So last week we rounded-up our Most Anticipated PS3 Exclusives for 2013, unfortunately we can't do that for the Xbox this week, since it would be a very short list of one. That being Gears of War: Judgement. Instead we'll offer you a list of games we're looking forward to that happen to be coming out on the Xbox.

Because I like the trailer, specifically this line: "Yes, I'm a talking cave." Starting from that premise alone, it just feels like this game will be awesome, How could it not be. It's a game about a talking cave, that is being written and designed by Ron Gilbert, the man that gave us three Monkey Islands, Day of the Tentacle and Total Annihilation. It will be good. Promise.

tekken x street fighter.jpg
Since the release of Street Fighter IV in 2008, the one-on-one fighting games have had a bit of a revival. With that upsurge in play, we actually got to see a crossover most people would never have expected, the worlds premiere 2D fighter mixing it up with the world premiere 3D fighter. Of course meshing the play-styles of two such disparate games was never truly going to happen, so instead we got two games. Street Fighter x Tekken came out early last year, but was basically a SF game with Tekken guest stars. Tekken x Street Fighter will look to do the reverse, being a Tekken game guest staring Street Fighters. 


You knew this would be on here, it's an Xbox list after all. . We're looking forward to one last Gears of War because it stasr our favourite character from the series, Baird. Compared to the rest of Delta Squad,  we got precious little info on Baird's back-story and this is the game to rectify that. Set prior to the events of the original trilogy, the game is framed as a court marshal with Baird up on charges of treason. The levels are played as flashbacks as the witnesses recount the events that lead to Baird's arrest. Plus more GOW online, which is always a good thing.


This one is here simply because it's E3 demo was utterly, utterly fantastic. An open world game, that gives players the ability to dynamically affect their environment on a minute level; it's never been done before and Watch Dogs looks like it's getting it right on the first attempt.  If you haven't seen it yet click play on the video above, it's sure to impress.


What else was it going to be? The first game was a phenom and this sequel looks like it will out do the first in every respect. And the reason for that is that Bioshock Infinite has two attributes not often seen together in games, but when they are together the results are always positive. Depth of Story plus Depth of Gameplay. That is a combination that never goes wrong and it looks like Bioshock Infinite will deliver both in spades.

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