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5 Covers of gaming soundtracks that are just fantastic

You don’t like to do work, I have ways to help you not do work. Let’s procrastinate together and watch people play covers of gaming soundtracks so that all the lulz can be hazzed.

1. Vertexguy covering Contra’s “Jungle Jam”

If you are as old as me, you remember the 80s and thus probably played Contra if you were cool. If you are too young to know what the game is, it’s a platform shooter that involves using guns while not wearing a shirt and doing lots of flip jumps. Check out this guy’s guitar skills nao.



2. SongeLeReveur playing Monkey Island’s “LeChuck’s Theme”

Ok, so I haven’t actually played this game per se, but this guy does a freaking rad cover of the original soundtrack. And he plays a bass, 2 guitars and a mouth-keyboard thingy.

3. A massive orchestra playing themes from classic 8-bit games

The video is pretty long, but just do yourself a favour and watch because, really, I don’t think you have lived until you have watched an orchestra play the noises from Pong in the most needlessly elaborate way ever.

4. Kylelandry playing the Super Mario theme

I love the piano so much because I used to play and stopped when I was being a stupid rebellious teenager. Explanations of personal life dramas are now finished and you should watch this guy play on one of my favourite instruments:

5. Eyerecorddrums plays the drums for Gears of War

In an effort to include every instrument possible in this list, I present to you a drum cover of the GOW theme. The rad thing is that this dude is pretty good and has timing skills, so watching this isn’t a complete waste of your time.


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