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DayZ Standalone out in April, Maybe

Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall of DayZ fame has come out on a reddit AMAsession (Ask Me anything) with some good answers posed by reddit readers. The good news is that the game should actually be ready by March, but he has stated April, to give the development team more ‘wiggle room’.


A great summary of the proposed upcoming plans for the release can be found on the reddit post, including ideas being played around with for eventual inclusion, as well as approaching pricing as a Minecraft-tiered approach.

Hall also had some words about The War Z and how it has affected their thinking on the price-point of DayZ as a standalone. “I'm just going to come right out and say it, so that people start to stop with this whole "competition is good" thing. Competition can be good, under the right circumstances. Personally, the WarZ scandal and the price people have been paying has made me think, personally, that we've been undervaluing the project in terms of price.

If one company releases a product, that doesn't perform well and is at a high price, and succeeds - what example does that set for other companies? People need to behave like rational consumers and not just instantly buy everything they see - otherwise all they will end up with is crap. The moment gamers start organizing and rewarding developers that meet what the consumers want - is the moment the publishers will be forced to value their developers more (and pay them more).

Regardless, it's never going to be at a full retail price.”

“I am angry about the WarZ. I’m very angry. I’m quite hurt personally because anyone can see how similar the words are, and while the average gamer knows the difference individual people don’t. I’ve had family members/close friends mistake the difference and confront me about what they believed was unethical behavior they thought I was making,” continued Hall.

All in all though, good news and a generally positive outlook for the future of DayZ, and it going to be filled with zombies!

Thanks to Massively for the alert, VG247 and reddit twice for sources!

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