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MWEB GameZone invites Black Ops 2 console players to beta Challenge System

Today is a very auspicious day for one special reason: Today we pull back the curtain on what hopefully will re-ignite the fires of the competitive console community. Today is the launch for the Open Beta Black Ops 2 Ladders for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, on the new competitive gaming site from MWEB GameZone.


Registrations open, but challenges begin only on 5 February

The open beta will allow for Black Ops 2 teams to face each other in an epic battle to see who is best. Teams will challenge one another on the 2 ladders that are available for play. The two ladders are separate from one another, one of the ladders caters for Xbox 360 players and the other for PlayStation 3 players.


The beta ladder will be open for challenges on the 5th of February and run until 28 February, the teams at the top of the respective ladders will be rewarded (prizes to be confirmed). The site is, however now open for registrations between now and then to alllow players to register on the site, create teams and join the ladder.

In short:

  1. 18 January until 4 February - Registrations open for players and teams.
  2. 5 February until 28 February - Team challenges


Competitive Ladders are first, but tournaments will follow soon

The new addition marks the initiative of MWEB GameZone to get gamers connected, playing regularly and having a place to record clan and player challenges. The site features the ability to host ladders and tournaments on a regular basis. This will allow our competitive community to play regularly at a ever growing competitive level. With this system we are allowing teams to schedule constant matches via our ladder system. The tournament section will not be a featuring during our open-beta, but don't be disheartened there will be tournaments in the near future.

Need a clan to play for?

In addition to the ladders and tournaments section in the website, players also have the opportunity to register as "Free Agents", which then indicates that the player is need a clan. Clan captains can view free agents and invite them to their teams.

Its an Open Beta, so please give us feedback!

We encourage all of our participants to send us feedback on the site in an effort to turn this the best possible experience for you the gamer. Make sure to post on the forum should you encounter any problems or if you are have any suggestions, hey, even post if you're liking the new addition to MWEB GameZone! 

Here is a full link to the site:

Guides to the ladder team creation process:

  1. How to create a team <- We recommend that your team captain does this!
  2. How to invite players to your team

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