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Why marketing pink stuff to "girl gamerz" is incredibly stupid

Friends, I’m back on the hate wagon today because I’ve just done some Googling and discovered some of the incredibly stupid and OMFG so glittery junk the incredibly stupid Fascist Male Gender Regime is attempting to market incredibly stupid and impressionable females.


So many rhinestones. So many.

Pretty much, according to the internet, all “Gamer Girlz” (becauze zpelling it with a z givez it attitude) are running around in high heels and pink shirts bearing slogans that simply scream “FEMALE” (that comes with matching G-string) while concurrently playing COD on their bedazzled Xboxes.



So. Much. Hate.

Look at this now:


Surely I can’t be the only one who sees how irritating that photo is? God, look at those self-satisfied tools of sexism play things with their Pink Playstation Controller. SIS.

Evil Controllerz  (there's that z again!) released this controlly as part of some sort of "girl bundle" of which a portion of the proceeds would be donated to breast cancer research, because all women have boobs and can thus relate. Unfortunately the company didn't take into account the fact that camo-print is the most disgusting thing known to humankind and thus "the girlz" were presented with this:


Here’s something that’s even more annoying:


Yes friends, it’s come to this. Not only can you be one of these “Swifties” (fans of Taylor Swift) which is already pretty freaking annoying in itself; but now you can be a “Swiftie That Gamez” . The incredible stupidity of this phenomenon is almost but not quite completely eclipsed by the utter incongruity of those two variables. It’s like the time The Parlotones were endorsing Gigabyte notebooks, which was literally the dumbest thing and I hated it so much.

Perhaps the previous paragraph is slightly superfluous to this article because I think the Swifties thing might have been made up by girls, but my ultimate point is the same:

All of that up there is dumb.

Men, stop being dumb by trying to sell it to us; because really, at the very least those outfits and whatnot are incredibly tacky.

Women, stop being dumb and buying that fugly kitsch tat so that men will stop making it.

And now, I’m going to try and recover from the rape that all those rhinestones have inflicted on my eyeballs.

Just. No.


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