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The World of World of Warcraft

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Forget making fake Tag Heuer watches, Nike golf shirts or "WiiStation" game consoles, when it comes to making unlicensed products and knock-offs of other peoples intellectual property, the Chinese do it Rick Ross-style, like a boss.

A Redditor naming himself FrancescaO_O, recently revealed that he had visited a theme park in China modelled after the fabled world of Azeroth. And it's not just a collection of cheap roller coasters and big wheels with badly drawn paintings of Night Elves and Orcs on them, oh no, this place is a hardcore theme park to rival Disney World.

Joyland 3.jpg 

Officially named World Joyland, the park isn't specifically ripping off World of Warcraft, the park is actually made up of seven areas, of which one is modelled after Warcraft, with another aping Starcraft as well. None of this is was built with co-operation of Blizzard at all, so there isn't any signage saying this is "Arthas Menethil, Crown Prince of Lordaeron and Knight of the Silver Hand" come ride his pony or anything, but I'm sure a quick look at the pictures makes it clear where they got their inspiration from.

Joyland 2.jpg 

Given the Chinese governments "strict" policy against copyright infringement, I think its safe to assume that the park will remain open for business as long as it stays profitable, so if you've interested in making a pilgrimage there's no need to rush.

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You can check out more images here.

Images courtesy of Schemamag


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