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Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Pistols

Welcome back to Tips & Tricks for Black Ops 2, I trust those who have followed our series are now becoming seasoned veterans on the battlefield. To the rest that remain cannon fodder, get ready to up those kills and increase those wins as we put you through your paces in the hopes of becoming a Black Ops 2 allstar.

Today’s Intel drop is all about pistols. Why pistols you might be asking? Well pistols in Black Ops 2 have become much more powerful in comparison to previous Call of Duty titles. Swopping to a pistol is also faster than reloading any primary weapon, and it therefore plays a vital role in conflict. Many players have decided to stay away from picking a secondary weapon thus making it even more unexpected when you whip out your pistol and surprise you opposition on the battlefield. The question is what pistol should you be using? Well don’t worry that is all about to be uncovered in our in-depth coverage of pistols for Black Ops 2.

Five Seven


The Five Seven hand gun is a traditional semi-automatic pistol and the first one you unlock in Black Ops 2. It is a very high and very low damage pistol, which means that from close range you can drop your opponents in two shots where as that falls off to a 6 shot kill over distance. One of the draw backs of the Five Seven is that the time to kill an opponent varies, thus making it feel inconsistent. The average shots to kill an opponent are usually in the 3 shot range, which is +/- 18 metres. A big plus for the Five Seven is that it has very low recoil thus allowing the user to be very accurate with the weapon. Another plus for the Five Seven is the fact that it has the highest magazine size of all the pistols, which are 20 bullets, making missing a couple of shots not a huge problem. The best use for the Five Seven is at medium to close range.

Conclusion: The Five seven is a great semi-automatic pistol that allows for extended use due to its large magazine size. The perfect assistant to an SMG player as the five seven can help finish those kills at range, due to its low recoil.



The Tac-45 is our last semi-automatic pistol that has several differences to its semi-automatic partner the Five Seven. The Tac-45 has a very similar damage spread to the Seven, meaning that it takes two shots to kill an opponent at close range and that falls off to a 6 shot kill over distance. However, an interesting fact about the Tac-45 is that the 2 shot kill range at close quarters is higher than the Five Seven, where the Tac-45 range is about 8 meters  This means that the Tac-45 can even take out some SMGs at close range when pitted head to head. The recoil of the Tac-45 is essentially what a pistol should be, good at close range and horrible at long range. One drawback of the tac-45 is the magazine size which is 10 bullets, so you will not be able to take down two to three opponents very often in one clip with this pistol. Probably the most useful when used as a back up to your primary weapon, the close range effectiveness will make sure that any opponent will get taken out quickly when switching to the Tac-45.

Conclusion: The Tac-45 is the better of the two semi-automatic pistols but requires you to be extremely accurate, if your accuracy is off you will get taken out.



The B23R is the first burst fire pistol to hit the Call of Duty franchise. The B23R is a 3-fire burst pistol meaning that it will shoot 3 bullets every time you pull on the trigger. This pistol is extremely powerful as it is great at short and long ranges. A short range kill can be done in one burst of the pistol and at long range you can get 2 burst kills if every shot hits. One burst kills are at the 13 meter range which is hugely significant meaning that if used correctly you can do some serious damage. There is a low-moderate recoil at distance, making this gun a close range weapon. The magazine size is 15 but I suggest you use this weapon with extended magazine that boosts it up to 21 bullets. The B23R is an extremely easy to use side arm, thus making the transition from a primary to secondary easier than the traditional pistol swop.

Conclusion: The B23R is great to players who struggle to make the switch from primary to secondary weapon, as the B23R is simple to use and effective when it needs to be.  



A new addition to the pistol world is the executioner which is better known as the shotgun pistol. This pistol fires 28 gauge shotgun pistols, and as you can imagine it is super effective at close range and pretty much terrible at any other distance. The executioner is best used in modes such as hardpoint if your primary is an assault rifle or sniper, thus allowing you to compete against other shotguns and Smg's. The executioner has one of the slowest reload times so a recommended attachment is the ‘fast mag’ which acts similar to the speed reloader from Black Ops 1. The Executioner is one of the most frustrating weapons to use and requires time to learn how to use correctly. There is high recoil, which means that you will need to learn the recoil pattern and get used to it to use the Executioner correctly. This weapon is best used with a long barrel and laser sight.

Conclusion: Not the most useful secondary, try only use this when trying to complete challenges as the cons completely outweigh the benefits of this weapon.


kap 40.jpg

The KAP-40 is the only true automatic pistol in Black Ops 2. The damage spread of the kap-40 is similar to its pistol buddies as it take 6 shots from distance but three shots up close. This is complimented by its fire rate and allows you to kill opponents faster at range. The time to drop an opponent is fast, as the KAP-40 out performs most SMG's at close range. There is high recoil with the KAP-40 so pulling down whilst firing is you best option. The magazine size is 15 mags but with extended mags it beefs it up to 20 bullets. This is a great weapon to win close range battles and makes taking out players in tight corners much easier.

Conclusion: The KAP-40 is the best assistant to assault rifles or snipers as it allows you to compete with players whom are rushing you in close quarter battles. 

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That concludes the Tips 'n Tricks for attachments, if you have any comments or suggestions please don't feel shy to drop us a comment below or on one of the following twitter or Facebook pages. Till next time soldiers!!

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