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Snakes in a lane


So you drank all the New Year's booze the hangover's are a fading memory and you've all dragged yourself back into the office, or are about to be dragged back to school kicking and screaming.

 (Disclaimer: This article does not promote,or condone underage drinking. Those returning to school should not have experienced any hangovers - I would certainly never have behaved so irresponsibly when I was a lad)

Thankfully Icefrog and the rest of the Dota 2 team over at Valve have eased the pain of our first full week back at the office by bringing us a Friday patch worthy of ringing in the New Year.

Included in this patch is the much anticipated, and bloody long awaited, release of the next addition to the hero pool.

Enter....Medusa! <cue belly dancers and creepy snake charming music>


Medusa, known also as Gorgon from original Dota is an agility hero  who looks like a bit like the sister Naga Siren's folks kept locked in the basement after that business with Uncle Alfred.

I haven't had the pleasure of playing her yet myself, but she has been described to me by the old schoolers as a veyr hard late game carry who can become insane if allowed to farm, but can be shut down if her farm is disrupted and she doesn't pick up the right items.

Very Briefly her abilities look like this:

medusa_split_shot.png Split Shot (Q) :

Medusa magically splits her shot into five arrows. These arrows deal a lower percent of her normal damage.

medusa_mystic_snake.png Mystic Snake(W)

A mystic snake made of energy jumps from target to target dealing damage and stealing some energy. After it reaches its last target, it jumps back to Medusa to replenish it with mana. The snake deals more damage and steals more mana per jump. The snake's power is increased by 20% each jump.

medusa_mana_shield.png Mana Shield(E)

Creates a shield that absorbs 50% of the incoming damage by using Medusa's mana.

medusa_stone_gaze.png Stone Gaze(R)

Any enemy units staring at the Gorgon will slowly turn to stone, removing status buffs and slowing all speed properties. Deals damage to summoned units and illusions.

Medusa bring s a lot to the party, with her split shot and mystic snake AOE damage and mana steal and very powerful ultimate for teamfights. Not to mention what looks to be a bloody annoying mana shield for damage reduction.

The most obvious item pick ups on her at the moment look to be Manta style and Linken Sphere for late game, with ring of Aquila and Powertreads as the early game pickup to boost agility and mana regen.

I would imagine that items like Orchid Malevolence and Bloodstone would also fit well into her inventory.

If you want to see her in action check out this greate video guide Sunsfan over at Dotacinema has put together.

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