Have all the funz with the Indie Speed Run

You may be forgiven for not knowing what the Indie Speed Run is because in all honesty, I had no idea what it was either. Now that I do know, it’s something that I think is actually rather exciting and you should probably think that too.

The Indie Speed Run is a competition that requires entrants to fill themselves full of stimulants and develop a game within a 48 hour time limit (the stimulants are more recommended than required though. I have a tendency to hyperbolise. And also they don’t advocate anything illegal which is what I’ve inadvertently managed to make it sound like).

Teams are assigned four random variables that they are required to incorporate into their game and that must feature prominently in the storyline. The games are then judged by Industry Professionals (i.e. those guys who do this sort of thing for a living and have it on their business cards and everything).

Peoples like you and pandas like me are able to play all the games entered into the contest and rate them. I have to admit that some of them look pretty interesting, like Letter for my Valentine which allows you to control either a stalker or his victim and looks most deliciously creepy Check it (and others) out here.



Some other gems.

Another reason to be excited about the contest is that there are local developers who have entered with games that tickle me pink. Throne and Thunder Gnomes both come from the team at Celestial Games, creators of Toxic Bunny. Both are multiplayer, both involve all the combat and both look like all the fun if you ask me. Travis Bulford, owner of Celestial, tells me that  although LAN play is recommended for Thunder Gnomes, they are currently hosting online servers for those of you who would like to try out Throne (and I really think you should).



Next local dev, TheFuntastic, created the novel game T.H.R.O.N.E (The Home Research and Observation of Nano-life Experiment), which he describes as “a microbial toilet simulator” (:3). Rigormortis and Tuism present a game called “We so damn lost!”, a game for the Indie Speed Run about helping them to make a game for the Indie Speed Run (Does that smell like Inception or what?).



Support local devs : Try the games out and vote!!! This isn’t coercion because I’m not saying you have to, I’m just suggesting it to you very emphatically.

For more information about the local industry see, a very interesting site which many local developers work and brainstorm through.


Travis Bulford’s Twitter |Celestial Games

Stephanie's Twitter | MWEB GameZone

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