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Mind Sports South Africa and MWEB GameZone team up

South African gamers are gearing up for 2013’s first international gaming event. Battlefield 3 PC teams will face off against international teams in the Clanbase Nations Cup, read more about the event here. According to the Clanbase site, 28 other countries have entered into the Cup.

SA teams that want to be part of the event need to first take part in the Mind Sports South Africa online championships event, which takes places coming Saturday. The winners of the championship will represent South Africa in the Nations Cup.


A few words from the MSSA president, Mr Colin Webster

With the MSSA only having received confirmation from the organisers of the Nation's Cup at the last possible moment, we swung into action to organise an online championship in order to select the best possible team to represent South Africa.

MWEB GameZone has again come to the aid of the MSSA and will be providing the servers for the tournament. The servers that will be provided are hosted on Dell 5670's (12 physical cores) with 96GB of RAM to provide lots of processing power to ensure smooth game play! It is truly incredible how quickly MWEB Gamezone could make the servers available.

The championship shall be held on Saturday, 12 January 2013, and all the top teams in the country are expected to enter the event.

MWEB GameZone will further support the official South African National Team preparations by providing them with their own Battlefield 3 Clan server, a practice server in the UK (to acclimatise to playing with a high ping), as well as a dedicated channel on the MWEB GameZone Public Teamspeak server for the duration of the Nation's Cup to enable communication between the players.

Desmond Kurz, MWEB online gaming manager says, “GameZone wants to help South African gamers compete on the international stage, which is why we will continue to work closely with MSSA to get more teams involved in the other games offered for the Nation's Cup.”

MSSA: Twitter | Facebook


The starting date for the Clanbase Nation’s cup has yet to be announced. We will keep teams updated as we receive more information. You can make use of the comment section for this article if you have any queries, or you can contact the MSSA via their Facebook page.

MWEB GameZone wishes all the teams taking part in Saturday’s championships all the best.

If you are interested in last years results: 2011 Battlefield 3 Championships

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