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Black Ops 2 DLC: Revolution Map pack uncovered

The ladies and gentlemen at Treyarch have now released their full layout to their first Downloadable Content (DLC) for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The latest DLC to hit Xbox's first on the 29th of January, has had some brand new additions never before attempted to the Call of Duty franchise. I believe these additions will be greeted with much applause as this new DLC seems irresistible to the Black Ops 2 multiplayer gamer. 

The DLC named The Revloution Map Pack is set to add to the multiplayer aspects of the game with no additions to single player/offline side of Black Ops 2. The Revolution map pack has 4 new multiplayer maps, 1 new zombies map, a new zombie’s gamemode and an exclusive multiplayer weapon. So kicking things off, let us get into the multiplayer maps.

Multiplayer Maps



Description: Hydro is a large hydro-electric facillity that is based in Pakistan. 


  • Many bottlenecks and choke points, expect Smgs to dominate this map, with many tight corners. 
  • Hydro has a spillway that will cause a rush of water to run through a chokepoint in the centre of the map, if you or a scoretreak of yours is in that area expect whatever is there to be gone by the time the 'wave' passes



Description: Skatepark in the middle of Venice,California. 


  • Most of the walls are curved due to the skatepark being constructed from half pipes and skate ramps. Curved walls force players away from edges of cover, so this should mean that players will be more vulnerable on the battle field. I'm going to suggest flak jacket for this due to the fact that all grenades should funnel down ramps to the position where you are standing! ‘
  • Curved Walls and ramps mean that grenades are going to filter to the middle of ramps, which are everywhere, so make sure to use flak Jacket as grenades are going to become that much more lethal. On the offensive side choose the wildcard ‘Danger Close’ this will allow you to use two primary grenades, for exactly the same reason that the grenades will roll down the ramps and land square at the feat of your opponent.



 Description:  Ski resort in the French Alps


·          Long lines of sight and wide open areas. This map is going to be the burst assault rifle and snipers go to map.

·          3 key vantage points, these vantage points will be extremely overpowered early on in the game due to players map knowledge being 100% straight out of the gate. So try find these areas lay down a tac insert and take full advantage of them.

·          Gondolas (aka cable cars) that can be used as moving cover. Be careful of how close you get to the cable cars because if you get into path of one, they will take you out.


Mirage .jpg 

Description: Luxury Resort based in the Gobi desert in China


·          Sand storms have swept over the resort and created sand dunes that have added some different dynamics to the map

·          Sand dunes enable the player to reach levels of the resort that usually were extremely difficult/ were completely unreachable to climb.

·          The map is extreamly diverse with tight corners and areas of open gameplay. I recommend an automatic assault rifle, as this will allow you to take advantage of most areas in Mirage.





Die Rise (Map)

die rise.jpg 


Description: Crumbling Skyscrapers based in the Far East.



·          Vertical gameplay, this means that you will be travelling up and down the various ‘crumbled’ towers.

·          Narrow and dark corridors that will cause the players to be tightly immersed in the action which is going to make reloading feel like an eternity as the hoards of zombies head in your direction.

·          Styled similar to a maze, players will get lost on this make which will make the action that much more exciting when trying to regroup with team mates.

·          Chasms, such as elevator, shafts have been added to trap the player that hasn’t been paying enough attention to his/her surroundings.


Turned (New Game mode)

Description: Allows players to play as the zombie, if players manage to take down the lone human they will then become the lone human and defend themselves against the onslaught of ‘human’ zombies.



·          Survival type mode, where the pressure will be placed on the only human in attempts to outsmart the other players, whom are now zombies by the way.  Treyarch haven’t confirmed how many players will be allowed but we get the feeling that this will be up to 12 players per lobby.


New Gun




Description: Fully automatic SMG



·          A Hybrid weapon between an assault rifle and a smg. Expect this smg to have the best range in its class but with a slower fire rate. Rapid fire might be your best choice to turn this gun into a full SMG with ‘assault like’ features.

The Revolution map pack is set to hit around 1200 ms points, possibly 1600. The DLC will be first available on Xbox360 on the 29th of January and hit PC and PS3 around a month later. I know I will be getting this pack for the zombies and due to the fact that I couldn’t stand if someone kills me with a peacekeeper and I can’t return the favour.  The question is will you be getting it? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on one of our social networks. 

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