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South Africa's Battlefield 3 teams invited to partake in international nations cup

Clanbase has extended an invitation to South African Battlefield 3 PC teams to partake in the Nations Cup. Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is the governing body of e-Sports in South Africa, all Battlefield 3 teams are therefore urged to register through the MSSA to partake in this prestigious event. Teams have to enter no later than January 13.


Details from Mind Sports South Africa

This means things must happen very quickly. Thus we realise that will not be the perfect competition, but it will enable hopefully the best team in South Africa to compete on an international stage.

The MSSA shall hold an on-line championships for Battlefield 3 on Saturday, 12 January 2013.

The starting time for the championships shall be 14H30 and depending on the number of entries should finish at 22H00.   There will be no entry fees payable, but all participants must be fully-paid-up registered players. There are two ways of doing this.

  • Clans can either just register through Knights Mind Sports Club - in this way gamers only have to pay the registration fee (if not already paid).
  • Apply to affiliate your clan as a member in its own right.

The winning team shall officially represent South Africa in the Nations Cup.

Team requirements

In order to enter your team, your team shall:

  1. Consist of members who are all MSSA Registered Players.
  2. Be a mix of existing clans – this is a Nation's Cup prerequisite.
  3. Have agreed on its team captain.
  4. Be of eight members.
  5. While the MSSA would prefer for all team members to come from the same locality – the reason for such is that the National Team would then all play from the same venue which will address lag issues as well as increase the opportunity for press - such will not be a prerequisite for this championships.

The team shall receive National Federation Colours and will be an official SA team. For queries contact the MSSA at

MSSA Twitter | Facebook

Colin Webster, president MSSA



ClanBase is a free extensive system for gamers to play action games over the Internet, founded in 1998 by gamers, and now registers over 2.4 million players. Measured by activity, ClanBase has become one of the largest online gaming communities and competition websites in the world. Every day, over 20 000 people play a match through ClanBase.

ClanBase also hosts the EuroCup and the OpenCup. Running on the XXIV (24th) season, more than 30 000 players participate in the cups. Nations Cups are also part of the ongoing tournaments on ClanBase, where each nation participates in the Cups with their selected players for the various games. The next Nations Cup will be the XV (15th).

In 2004, ClanBase was acquired by the Global Gaming League (GGL). GGL is a worldwide leader in organised competitive online and real-time video game tournaments and events (V-Sports). MTV has hailed GGL as "the recognised leader not only in organising online and live video game events but also in creating content of interest around those competitions".

Clanbase: Website

MWEB GameZone urges all Battlefield 3 teams to register as soon as possible. This is an opportunity to expose our local teams to international competition, it doesnt come along often, please make use of it.

Han’s Twitter | Blog / MWEB Gamezone Twitter | Facebook

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