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Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Attachments

Welcome back to the Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks, believe me there is tons more information to boost your knowledge and leave you as the superior soldier.  As we leave 2012 behind with bullet-holes, we enter 2013 with a fresh canvas in which to unleash our wrath upon. So starting things off for the new year we are talking about attachments. 

Attachments are the accessories that allow you to turn your tame dog of a gun into a gnarling beast that cannot be messed with. In this Tips and Tricks we are going to be discussing which are the best attachments for each weapon class, as well describing exactly what that attachment does. 

Small Machine Guns (SMGs):  

When it comes to SMGs your going to need to be agile, accurate and in the face of the opposition. 

Fast Mags: 


Fast Mags in Black Ops 2 acts as the ''slight of hand'' perk did in every Modern Warfare title before Black Ops 2 up until the first Modern Warfare. What this means is that your reload speed is dramatically increased. Which allows you to spend less time reloading and more time shooting at your opponent. This works extremely well with SMGs due to the fact when using an SMG you will usually be in high traffic areas. When your in high traffic areas you will need to have your weapon ready as much as possible, fast mags will allow you to spend less time being vulnerable in those high traffic areas.  Extended mags is another alternative but will leave you more vulnerable for longer periods of time. 

Laser Site:


Laser Site acts as steady aim did in previous Call of Duty titles, it decreases your hipfire reticule which helps you to be more accurate when firing from the hip. This mean that it will allow you to win most of your close range battles, which is the area that SMGs need to dominate. 

Long Barrel:


Long Barrel acts the same as the range proficient did in Modern Warfare 3. As you can imagine it increases your range of your gun once added. Why this is so helpful is based on the fact that SMGs have one of the worst damage over long distances, the long barrel attachment offers you the opportunity to win mid range battles. Which is usually not possible when the gun is used without the aforementioned attachment. 

Assault Rifles:



The stock attachment increases your movement speed when aiming down sight, a similar perk was stalker from Modern Warfare 3. The stock allows you to compete with SMGs as well as being able to dodge bullets by strafing. Strafing is the technique where you move from side to side whilst aiming down sight, it makes you a more difficult target to shoot at and with stock attached you will be that much more difficult to kill. 

Red Dot Sight:


 Due to the nature of the assault rifles, you will need to dominate mid to long range battles. Where red dot site helps is to help you make sure that you land those shot over long distances. It will dramatically increase your accuracy due to there being little to none interference as you would get from an iron site that could cause you to lose your target. 

Sniper Rifles

Ballistics CPU:


The ballistics CPU allows you to have reduced sway when aiming down sight, so being a sniper this should be an obvious choice. 

Extended Mags:


Why extended mags? Well sniper rifles in Black Ops 2 are quite well known for not having large clip sizes. Whether your far away or near to your opposition quick scoping, you are going to need enough bullets when that opportune moment strikes to take out as much players as possible and that is where extended mags will help.


Laser Site:


There is only one option when it comes to shotguns and that is Laser site. You are going need to control the spread of your pellets and the best way to do that is my reducing the radius of damage. That is why the laser site is unmistakably the best perk for shotguns. 

Search and Destroy: 



When it comes to Search & Destroy you need to able to move around with as little attention as possible. Thus the silencer will allow you to move from spot to spot, whilst taking out opposition with little to none interference.  

Do Not Use:



Grip is the placebo attachment. Which basically means that it really has no real effect, with some guns it even hinders the accuracy. Some people believe it helps, but testing of the attachment has seen that it really is a useless accessory.     

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That concludes the Tips 'n Tricks for attachments, if you have any comments or suggestions please don't feel shy to drop us a comment below or on one of the following twitter or facebook pages. Till next time soldiers!!

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