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Unwind your mind with Hundreds for iOS

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“Hundreds is a puzzle game about space, the space between you and the serene.”

This is just about the most intriguing game description I have ever read. Mathematics is one of the, simplest, yet at the same time profoundly complicated disciplines in the world. Hundreds from Semi Secret Software captures the paradoxical nature of mathematics perfectly.

Hundreds for iPhone and iPad is a simple game; you tap and grow floating bubbles until they add to 100. The bubbles turn red as they are tapped, which in turn means that if it collides with any other bubble, it is game over.

Sound easy enough? Think again. As you progress through the levels, the complexity and variety of objects increase. The Verge took a closer look at Hundreds.

“Spinning saw blades, circles that can only grow in parallel, circles with negative numbers, and all kinds of barriers to get in your way (or help you out), the challenge ramps up quickly. As with that initial level, almost none of these elements are explained to you in words, but instead a combination of experimentation and subtle visual clues will let you know that bubbles can be popped with a quick tap, or that you can move an obstacle with your finger. These elements help make the basic premise feel consistently compelling over the course of 100 levels.”

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Based on the name and the goal of each stage, Hundreds may seem like a game fixated on numbers, but the creators don't necessarily see it that way. Instead, they view it as a game about "spatial relationships, the principle of conservation, and even a little entropy." "Take away the numbers," explains Wohlwend, "and the game would play exactly the same." It's really a game about circles, and how they interact with one another within the rules of the game. Yes, it may just be circles. "But then again," Saltsman pointed out, "Tetris is just squares."

Source: The Verge

This is definitely a game worth trying. You can buy it from iTunes for a mere R26.

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