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Xbox 720 gets Smart

A recent move from Microsoft has seen the creators of the Xbox sweep yet another small company under their belt in attempts to bolster the Xbox 720. The latest being R2 studios, a small company that specializes in home automation. This acquisition from Microsoft was heavily contested, with big hitters such as Apple and Google also trying to sweep up R2 studios. Microsoft managed to get the final nod, and this agreement sees huge potential for the next Xbox console.

R2 studies, as mentioned earlier specializes in home automation. They have only released one application, the application description on Google Play states: "R2 enables residential and commercial customers to control AV, lighting, thermostats, security systems, and thousands of other products via their Android device from anywhere in the world.” R2 Studios was founded by Blake Krikorian, and here is an interview with him showing exactly what the application is about.

The software from R2 studios has a huge amount of potential, as it will allow the next console not just to revolve around gaming but rather as a set-top type of device that brings Smart TV functionality to gamers’ living rooms. This will allow the next Xbox console to be more than it has ever been before. With the possibilities of the Xbox 720 to act as a streaming device to all devices throughout the house. For example, say your watching a show on tv and need to go to make a snack. You will be able to stream the video to your mobile and walk away from your TV whilst still being able to watch the show/ program. This is mostly drawn from the invention of the Sling Box that was created by Black Krikorian and his team. For more information of the slingbox check this out: 

It seems like Microsofts are taking an interesting angle on what the next gen console could be. Personally I'm super excited following this latest news. It would be amazing to have one device that does pretty much anything and that is exactly what the next Xbox could be. 

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