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A stamp collection of a different kind

The awesome people over at Valve decided to reward the Team Fortress 2 (TF2) map makers. This is a worthy goal since one of the biggest drawing cards for TF2 is the wide variety and abundance of maps available for our fragging pleasure. TF2 players are used to Valve treating them to quirky and original game updates, and this time is no different. You collect stamps people, and then you taunt-poop it out all over the map…like so

TF2 Stamps.jpg

Map Stamp Improvements

After taunting in a community map that you’ve contributed to, you now leave behind a trail of large stamps. The more you contribute, the longer the trail! We’re now also tracking hours played in each map. In the “Maps” section of the in-game Mann Co. Store, you can see how many hours you’ve played each community map and how many times you’ve contributed to it.

Plus, occasionally, on check out, you’ll be gently reminded that it might be nice to add a stamp to your cart for a map that you’ve played frequently but haven’t contributed much to. After you’ve seen this reminder once, you can have it show other map stamp suggestions by checking the “Support Community Map Mapers” box near the “check out” button.

Map-Specific Strange Filters

Sold in the store, these new filters let you set your strange weapons to only track events on specific community maps. For instance, if you only care about kills on “Yukon”, you can change the filter on your shotgun to just capture that. When filtering stats for a weapon, you’ll also get a custom rank modifier. So, in the aforementioned “Yukon” example, you’d now have a “Strange Canadian Shotgun”. The goal is to give players who really like specific community maps a way to both track their stats on those maps and broadcast their interest even when they’re playing on other levels.

Note that in both cases, 100% of the revenue (minus net taxes) goes to the contributor, so let’s get out there and support our map makers!

Source:Team Fortress 2 Official Website

And again, let me remind you that TF2 is freaking-free-to-play, the most fun you can have online and MWEB GameZone “has all the servers”. What are you waiting for, start downloading!

If you’ve not yet seen the hilarious Dance Fortress, check it out.

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