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The Greevil who stole Christmas


'Tis the Season to be jolly and tralalala like crazy, which I will most certainly be doing tonight when I tuck into the bottle of Johnny Walker secret Santa left on my desk today.

Every good bottle of scotch needs some accompaniment and what better accompaniment than a bunch of mates on Mumble and Dota 2 into the wee hours, by which time I certainly won't be able to spell accompaniment anymore.

Tonight however we will not be taking part in the normal Random Draft, or All pick games, because the Greevilng is upon us and opportunities abound to snag free goodies for your heroes from the Dota 2 store.

Following on from their utterly genius Diretide seasonal event which took place over Halloween, in which we were introduced to the disgusting little critters known as Greevils which hatched from eggs to become in-game couriers, Valve have transformed the normal Dota 2 map into a Winter Wonderland, well a Winter Wonderland that's been overrun be deranged foul-breathed little tooth gnashing mutant dragon midgets.

The game Mode in the Greeviling is relatively simple and each match takes about 15 minutes.  Wild Greevil has taken over the map, destroyed Frostivus and legged it with all the presents.  Your job is to nuke the smelly little buggers into oblivion and get back the presents - first team to take out 11 camps wins the game.

You do this either as your chosen hero, or by transforming into your Greevil courier, which has been given a set of skills and buffs based on how you built him in Diretide.  If you didn't get a courier from Diretide you can play with a naked Greevil who gets random abilities each game.

The payoff comes in the form of a gift box in your Dota Backpack; Nice Presents for the winners, naughty presents (which apparently have been sat on by Greevils) for the losers.  Opening the gift will give you some random goodies from the Dota 2 store, such as Hero Gear and Battle Bonuses.  You may also get Snowballs and lumps of coal, or the neccesary goods to create even more Greevils

Now enough talk from me, it's Frostivus so please return to your gift shopping, or responsible drinking. - oh and watch this video :)

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