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4 Cool things to have at your Gamer Wedding

I am pretty much the lamest person ever and have spent the morning overcome with silly super-mushy feels inspired by the sight of two robots wed in holy matrimony.




Influenced by the wish to get married (srsly I’m only in it for the cake though) and also possibly by my irrational female emotionality, I have decided that everybody needs to see some of the best gamer wedding stuffs that I have found on my travels down the Information Superhighway (that’s the Internet for those who don’t know – and also obviously not literal travel, I didn’t actually go anywhere).

1. A Halo 3 Wedding Proposal



Halo player Moviesign built this custom map and got his special lady to play it with him. If that doesn’t make you go “Daaaaawwww” it’s highly possible that you don’t have a soul.

2. Mario Brothers Engagement Rings




I think that these are almost too cute to exist in RL. You know it, I know it; let’s just admit it and sit and bask ourselves in all the adorable.


3. Two Wedding Cakes that are Pretty Freaking Awesome but Involve the Use of Negative Stereotypes




According to society, gamers don’t have contact with the opposite sex ever. Like, EVER. This ironic wedding cake is both nommable and amusing. The only thing that makes me slightly sad is that itm reeks a bit of Hipsterism which tbh I cannot tolerate. Those pseudo-intellectual flannel-wearing winkyfaces have ruined enjoyment of irony for everyone. Yes, Hipsters: you’re not subverting society; really, it’s more that you just suck.


mario wedding cake.jpg


Although endorsing an exaggerated racial stereotype in the form of Mario himself and also,  covered in fondant icing which is actively disgusting, this wedding cake is so aesthetically cool it makes my eyes burn.


4. A Minecraft Wedding and other fun Minecraft stuffs





I’m not going to say much about these photos because I don’t have enough adjectives to convey the awesome.




This couple built giant versions of themselves in Minecraft. That is all.

I think I’ve managed to out-saccherine myself enough for one day, so before you get sick and vomit rainbows all over yourself, I’ll stop. And maybe cry because I am FOREVER ALONE (JK, I am strong and independent and don’t need no man; and anyways, I have cats).


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