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Retro Friday: Super Retro Squad - A new old game.

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Anyone else here remember KTV? You know KTV, it was the kid's block of programming that used to come on Mnet before the dedicated kids channels on DSTV took over. One of my favourite shows from KTV was Captain N: The Game Master. Looking back at it now, that show hasn't aged terribly well, but as a kid, the idea that characters from different games could all team up to fight a common evil just blew my mind.

So when Super Mario Bros. Crossover came out a few a years ago it was kind of like that TV show realised in video game form, which seemed like the perfect way for things to work out. For the uninitiated, Super Mario Bros. Crossover transplanted a lot of the classic 8-bit characters of the NES into the world of Super Mario Bros., along with all their powers and abilities. It was pretty awesome. And even better, it's available to play for free here.

Downside? Since it was a fan project using assets from Nintendo, Konami, Capcom and others, the developer Exploding Rabbit couldn't really sell it for profit, despite putting three years into the project. Upside? Exploding Rabbit started a Kickstarter earlier in the year for a game called Super Retro Squad a brand-new game inspired by Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Like Crossover, Super Retro Squad has a bunch of characters fighting in a retro world that remind you of the classic 8-bit warriors, but are different enough to avoid copyright infringement. So instead of a Princess Peach in a Mushroom Kingdom, Retro has a Princess Apricot in an Asparagus Kingdom. It's a pretty fine line.

The game will apparently feature a mix of 8 and 16-bit style graphics, but add the joy of 4-player online co-op, making it an awesome mix of old and new.

Super Retro Squad is due for a March 2013 and will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux. Andoid and iOS versions are planned as well.

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