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The Team Fortress 2 Mecha Patch Notes

It’s here! The most fun you can have online for free, otherwise known as Team Fortress 2, festive season update is now live. Start up your rig, and let the joyride begin.


Patch notes

  • Australian Christmas has begun!
  • Added community-contributed winter event items
  • Added three new community weapons: The Vaccinator, The Loose Cannon and The Rescue Ranger
  • Added Naughty and Nice winter keys to the Mann Co. Store
  • Mann Vs. Machine: Added a new tour of duty with unique loot - Operation Mecha Engine, with 3 new advanced skill missions. New map Man vs Machine Bigrock (mvm_bigrock_. New Engineer Botkiller items and new Engineer robot.
  • Added new Strange Filter items to the Mann Co. Store to support community map makers
  • Added new checkout dialogs and taunt-activated effect to raise awareness for Community Map Stamps
  • Added +context_action command (defaults to X for controllers). This will use the action slot if your Canteen contains a charge and will taunt otherwise
  • Added +attack3 command (defaults to middle-mouse button)
  • Added Adult Swim items to the Mann Co. Store
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to be permanently invulnerable
  • Fixed the Pyro’s airblast not working correctly when facing downhill
  • Made Force-A-Nature pushback more consistent
  • Updated pl_barnblitz, fixed various map exploits
  • Updated sd_doomsday, fixed various map exploits
  • Updated the localization files

For the unfortunates who hasn’t joined the party yet, here’s a trailer to entice you.


The MWEB GameZone TF2 servers are being updated as you read this article, see you server side!

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