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Celebrate Smissmas season the Team Fortress 2 way

This means the release of logic defying weapons, a spectacular map and of course, a new enemy to marvel at and overcome. Giggle like a little girl grab your friends and join in this year’s festive season releases from our beloved Team Fortress 2.


Introducing Adult Swim gear for Team Fortress

What madness is this? Well, the type of madness you will only get in the fantastical land of Team Fortress 2 of course! Adult Swim and Team Fortress are combining again to bring you even more amazing virtual gear.

Brush back Brock's flowing mane, before you shoot your friend in the face. Get ready to put Carl's flip flops up that annoying guy's ass. Or become the Minion you've always wanted to be. The Adult Swim store is coming soon to Steam with a boatload of new Adult Swim DLC to buy.

Fancy going perv and creating some of your favourite adult swim moments with Source Filmmaker? We promise, what happens in TF stays in TF ;)


The Mecha Update

In case TF players have been getting bored with raping machines, Valve decided to introduce a terrifying Engineer to push back. He is called the Mecha-Engineer and he haz powers.

More precisely, he has one super dooper power; his teleport resides INSIDE of himself! *Gasps, twitches nervously, grabs heavy’s hand* As if this is not overpowered enough, the Mecha-Engineer also teleports the rest of the Machine Army with him. It is also speculated that this clanking monstrosity will be over 100 feet tall, we are doomed!

But wait, there’s more! We need a bigger map people, and so Valve brings us, Big Rock. It is the largest Man vs Machine map, and will have the robotic horde from hell crawling a very long way to reach your Mann Co base. Wait, wait, hold that sigh of relief. Don’t tell me you already forgot about the teleporting Engi and his "telling other robots about the teleporter" ability?

What to do what to do? I say new weapons, Valve says?!

To counter the teleporting machine horde, Valve generously gives us three shiny new weapons. The Rescue Range Engineer Shotgun, the Loose Canon Demoman Grenade Launcher and the Vaccinator Medigun for the Medic are supposed to infuse us with confidence. For some reason,  these do not make me feel safe :S. What say you?

  mecha update.JPG

And last but not least, two special crates filled with goodies!

All hail the return of the Naughty and Nice crates. The Naughty crates contain this year's set of limited edition festive weapons while the Nice crates are full of new community winter-themed items. The crates will only be available until January 3rd, 2013, so get your Naughty and Nice keys from the Mann Co. Store once the update is out and unlock them while you can!


Source: Team Fortress 2 Official Website

So we all set for the 2012 Team Fortress 2 festive season. Please allow me to remind you that the game is:

  • Free to freaking play! Download it for PC or Mac here.
  • MWEB GameZone hosts a stack of MvM servers as well as the usual TF2 server selections.
  • Also, TF2 is ‘a clean, fun filled game’, tests have proven that it DOES NOT promote violent behavior, unless the unexplained rise in clothing accessories fetishes from male gamers can count as problematic ;)

See you server side, Lola out.

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