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The Psychology of Girls in a Male-dominated Digital Realm (v3.0)

Today Panda and Linchpin’s three-part series on Girl Gamers comes to an end with our analysis of the final type of girl you will locate online: The Trap or Female Impersonator. Some genius felt that it was necessary to tell us that technically, a female impersonator is not actually female; and to him we say a resounding “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” We also say that we are going to include “her” anyway because we are 12 and we do what we like.

The Female Impersonator

Who she is:

As previously stated, she is not in actuality a she, but this is one female who won’t let her male genitalia stand in the way of being a strong and independent woman who don’t need no man. There are positive aspects to her personality in that this pretence takes commitment as she will have to masquerade for an extended period of time. This indicates an inner stability of character maybe.


What she plays:

Once again, we have a team stekkie here. The troll needs feeding.

Social interaction:

She’s sort of a hybrid of the Attention Seeker, because really, what would be the point of pretending to be a girl if you don’t tell anyone (everyone) that you are a girl?


She will send you many pictures of herself and she is RIDONKULOUSLY hot, but also her photos are more often than not the first picture that shows up when you type “hot girl” into Google.

What she says:

Just copypasta general flirtatiousness etc etc under this heading with maybe a sprinkling of cybersex.

What not to do:

Get involved. Girls smell anyways, so who needs them? Also, this girl has a winky.

And now we come to our final thoughts:

What it all boils down to is that actually, it’s not all that remarkable to play Halo while having a vagina. If you ask us, it’s far better to STFU and play, because that’s what we are all there for at the end of the day. Instead of getting mad and spouting a bunch of politically correct, equal rights blah blah, let's all learn to laugh at ourselves and be happy.

Lastly, here is a Guinea Pig playing Xbox:


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