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Wacky Wednesday: Griefing of a different kind

It's amazing to think how far video games have progressed in the last few years. With gaming, every year sees an improvement in nearly every aspect of the medium, with everything just seemingly getting better as time moves forward. Better controls, better stories, better visuals, better sound, better everything. Better, better, better. Well, except for enemy AI, that seems to be trapped in never-ending vortex of suck.

And nowhere is this lack of believable AI more apparent than in games that have some kind of stealth component. How many times have you killed a guy standing less than a meter away from his friend, while that friend was looking right at you and he did nothing? Or he sees you there in broad daylight and then he's suddenly struck down by amnesia and totally forgets the highly suspicious individual he was just looking at. Granted, often times the Artificial Stupidity works to the playesr advantage, but really, video game henchman are some really dumb guys. As this webcomic from Ctrl+Alt+Del so deftly demonstrates.


Source: Ctrl+Alt+Del

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