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Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Perks

Tis' the season to jolly....well at least perky. So with everyone feeling so 'perky', I believe that the time has come upon us to talk all about the world of perks in Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 has changed the way in which we use perks due to the newly introduced addition to the create class system. Traditionally perks have been separated into three groups, with the player having to choose one perk from each group to finish the process in creating a class. In Black Ops 2, however, we have seen two specific changes. The first being that the player doesn't have to choose a perk from any of the slots, a player can rather decide to take absolutely no perks at all! The second big change is the addition of wildcards. Wildcards allow players to have the option to choose two perks from the same group, which allows players to combine perks that would previously not be able to be combined. 

This week we will be discussing all three perk slots, as well as which are the best and worst perks to use. I will also be revealing my best perk combination that will turn you into one juggernaut of a player. So without further delay lets jump into Black Ops 2's world of perks. 

Tier 1 Perks

tier 1.jpg 

Tier 1 perks consists of the following: 

Lightweight: Allows you to run faster and take no falling damage

Hardline: Allows you to earn scorestreak faster.

Blindeye: AI controlled air support can not detect you. 

Flak Jacket: Allows you to take less explosive damage

Ghost: Remain hidden from UAVs whilst moving. 

Tier 1 has two perks that stand out, they are ghost and flak jacket. Ghost is one of the best perks due to the fact that the scorestreak 'UAV' is one of the easiest to gain in Black Ops 2. Which usually means that sooner or later your opposition will get one, if not multiple UAVs, in the duration of a game. When a UAV comes up it will periodically show your position on the mini-map thus allowing the opposition to easily find you and take you out. So what Ghost offers is protection from the opposition and is especially useful in public lobbies.

The next is flak jacket, this perk should not to be underestimated. Black Ops 2's lethal equipment with its increased damage are used almost everywhere in Black Ops 2. What Flak jacket does is allow you to get into those overpopulated objective points and hold them, by taking grenades with ease and allowing you to get where the opposition can't due to the over flow of explosives that seem to fly in from all angles.

Tier 2 Perks

tier 2.jpg 

Tier 2 perks consists of the following: 

Toughness: Flinch less when shot by the enemy.

Cold blooded:Makes you invisible to enemy targeting systems such as: dual band, target finder, sensor grenades and MMS

Fast Hands: Allows you to swap weapons & throw equipment and grenades faster, also throw back grenades safely.

Hard Wired: Immune to counter UAVs and EMPs

Scavenger: Allows you to replenish ammo, equipment and grenades from fallen enemies

Once again with  the tier two perks we have two perks that really make a huge difference. They are scavenger and toughness. Scavenger is best used for public lobbies and best used with smgs and assault rifles, scavenger allows you to make sure you never run out of ammo and one of the biggest difference is that with scavenger in Black Ops 2 is that you will be able to replenish your grenades, bombs away! Toughness might sound simple but what toughness does is allow you to win those up close and personal gun fights. Where one bullet makes a difference toughness is there to make that difference work in your advantage by keeping you gun on target rather than bouncing up and down after every bullet hits you. 

Tier 3 Perks

tier 3.jpg 

Tier 3 perks consists of the following: 

Dexterity: Aim down sights faster after sprint & climb obstacles faster.

Extreme Conditioning: Allows you to sprint two times further than normal.

Engineer: See opposition lethal equipment, delay enemy explosives and allows you booby trap and re-roll care packages

Tactical Mask: Reduces the effect of shock charges, flash bangs and concussion grenades. 

Dead Silence: Makes you more silent with regard to your footsteps, falls and jumps.

Awareness: Makes enemies 4x louder than normal. 

The tier 3 perks are what I like to call the super perks, each of these are extremely useful. Engineer is probably one of the funnest perks to use in conjunction with blackhat (equipment that allows you to hack opponents equipment and scorestreaks from a distance). Yet the three best from tier 3 in my opinion would have to be dead silence, tactical mask and dexterity.

Dead silence is a great perk but in Black Ops 2, it's not as prevalent as it was in previous Call of Duty's. This perk is still a huge factor in Search and Destroy (SnD) and has to be included for exactly that reason - in SnD it can be the deciding factor in whether you win or lose.

Tactical grenades in Black Ops 2 are tremendously powerful and to combat that there is tactical mask. Tactical mask is essential in game modes such as domination and hardpoint that require you to be in an area of high volume. You need to be able to have as much vision and movement as possible to take out the opposition and this is what tactical mask helps you to do.

The last perk we will be discussing is dexterity, this perk is the rushing players best friend. Being able to draw up your gun after sprinting plays a huge roll in who will win a gun fight and exactly what dexterity will help you do. It also helps to  to climb up hot spots in a map quickly and will allow you to get behind the enemy before they have a chance to look back. 

Now to what I believe the is the best possible combination of perks to create the ultimate class: 

Perk 1: Flak Jacket

Perk 2: Toughness:

Perk 3: Tactical Mask & Dexterity 

*Perk 3 will require you to use the wildcard "Perk 3 Greed" 

With this class you will be able to tank grenades, run through oppositions stuns and flashbangs, get the first shots on your opponent and be able to keep them there. This class has saved my tooshie on more than one occasion and can be used to save yours too. 

That concludes our tips and tricks for today, if you managed to miss out on any of the previous tips and tricks here they are: 

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If you have any questions on what kind of perk combination you would like to suit your play style best please don't shy away and drop us a comment. Otherwise let me know what you think of our perk Tips and Tricks by leaving a message on one of our social networks. Till then all the best and have a perky holiday season. 

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