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The Psychology of Girls in a Male-dominated Digital Realm (v2.0)

Linchpin_Pineapple_Face and Panda McBearface (pronounce that Bearfasay – it’s French) return today to provide you with the second instalment of our guide to Female Psychology in a Male-dominated Digital realm. Last week we spoke about The Attention Seeker, who in general is a pretty sucky person and probably has cooties too. Today we present you with yet more slightly harmful female stereotypes in the form of The Level-Headed Stekkie. This was a lot of fun to write because I got to invent many needlessly elaborate acronyms.

Who she is:

This sort of ladycake comes from one of these distinct groups:

a) The ones who say they are girls

This girl pretty much plays the game for the sake of playing the game, but will tell you she is a girl because she is Proud of being a Female in a Male-Dominated Digital Realm (PFMDDR).




b) The ones who don’t say they are girls

This girl won’t say she is a girl (TGWSSIAG) due to an allergy to ascii penises and also because it doesn’t actually matter that she has boobs and stuff.




What she plays:

Linchpin_Pineapple_Face read somewhere that girls prefer games where the map is easy to figure out and there is less adventure/discovery involved, but we have concluded that that theory is mostly lies because we’ve found girls in lots of places on the Internet that contradict that statement. Therefore, prolly you’ll find her in almost every sort of game. Team stuffs don’t matter to her because she’s not there to supply male players with masturbatory fantasies.

Social Interaction:

The PFMDDR type often has a boyfriend if my experiences can be considered actual scientific theory (No.). So even though she is flaunting her vagina, don’t expect to date her or whatever. Gentle stalking might be ok though.

The TGWSSIAG is mentally androgynous so you more than likely won’t know she is a girl unless she tells you; and even then you probably won’t believe her anyway.

Mostly neither of these types will market themselves as Playboy bunny/gamer hybrids.



 Just. No.


What she says:

The PFMDDR type will say stuff like “Say that again and my boyfriend will kick you in your [insert appropriate anatomical region here – read “genitalia”].”

The TGWSSIAG type will say things along the lines of “brofist” and also other stuff.

What not to do:

Get involved.

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