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The all-time 100 best video games according to TIME

Video games are creeping its way into various sectors of human interest; be it as a favourite hobby, a cultural artifact or a topic of discussion. It ignites our imagination and takes us to places where we can be anyone and attempt the fantastic and bizarre. I cannot conceive of being in a world without its rich deposit in my life.

TIME is of the same opinion, according to an article in TIME tech, “It’s hard to imagine a world without video games. For some, they’re a simple diversion — a way to pass time. For others, they’re a portal to strange and wonderful alternate universes. For everyone, whether you’re into video games or not, they’re an integrally important part of our culture.”

Let’s take a look at some of TIME’s picks of the All-TIME 100 greatest video games.



Released in 1972, Pong was the first video game to become wildly popular and commercially successful. It existed both as an arcade game – the first unit was installed in Andy Capp’s Tavern in Sunnyvale, Calif. — and also in a home version, first sold by Sears in 1975.

  • Released: 1972
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Platform: Arcade



Breakout was released in 1976 for the Atari and was basically the next level for Pong. I am not ashamed to admit that this is my no 1 game of all-times. I was completely addicted to Breakout. The better you became at it, the more challenging the game got, yip, welcome to the rest of my life as a gamer.

  • Released: 1976
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Platform: Arcade
Space Invaders

Oh the fun, the thrill and the challenge of Space Invaders! Its digital stamp can be seen on the hearts of millions of gamers. In just four years, Space Invaders hauled in $2 billion in quarter-based profits in the U.S. alone.

  • Released: 1978
  • Publisher: Taito
  • Platform: Arcade
What a thrill this game was! Of all the Golden-Age arcade games, Asteroids was the sparest, most elegant and most coldly intense. Asteroids is the dark version of the asteroid-field sequence in The Empire Strikes Back. Never tell me the odds? In Asteroids, the odds were zero.
  • Released: 1979
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Platform: Arcade

A daunting array of buttons greeted the aspiring Defender: left, right, hyperspace, smart bomb, fire and…a joystick. The difficulty of the game was legendary, but it only contributed to its immersive quality: when you played Defender you couldn’t spare any attention for the real world.
  • Released: 1980
  • Publisher: Williams Electronics
  • Platform: Arcade
Are there any other video games as well-known as Pac-Man? It is simply, Legend. So simple, yet so fun — and arguably one of the most recognizable video games in existence. It’s spawned countless spinoffs, sequels and versions.
  • Released: 1980
  • Publisher: NAMCO
  • Platform: Arcade
Castle Wolfenstein
Before Wolfenstein 3D set the first-person shooter genre ablaze, there was Castle Wolfenstein. Aside from eventually blazing the trail for first-person shooters, the Wolfenstein games also almost certainly provided some inspiration for stealth-based series such as Metal Gear, Splinter Cell and others.
  • Released: 1981
  • Publisher: Muse Software
  • Platform: Computer
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong.JPG
Not many games have had documentaries made about them. Donkey Kong is different. It’s part of the classic arcade breed that teased the first hardcore gamers with promises of infinite perfectibility. Donkey Kong‘s clever coding made it difficult to parse luck from skill, and the simple clarity of the game design made battling the giant ape even more maddening.
  • Released: 1981
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platform: Arcade
King’s Quest
Kings Quest.JPG
Created by husband and wife Roberta and Ken Williams, King’s Quest paved the way for future adventure games and turned into a huge empire in and of itself. Their company, Sierra, would go on to spawn other classic series such as Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, Leisure Suit Larry, and several others.
  • Released: 1983
  • Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
  • Platform: Computer
If you haven’t played some version of Tetris, can you even call yourself a gamer?! The building-block puzzle game sold millions of copies in hundreds of variations, becoming so popular that it even led to a field of cognitive study. Not only did Tetris captivate folks who already had a daily diet of gaming, it converted others into button-mashing maniacs. Tetris was a gateway drug like no other, singlehandedly making Nintendo’s Game Boy a success and ushering in a new era of handheld gaming.
  • Released: 1984
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platform: Computer
The list further includes:
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
  • Castlevania
  • The legend of Zelda
  • Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
  • Prince of Persia
  • Solitaire
  • Wing Commander
  • Civilization
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
Source: TIME Tech

This is just the first couple of games; you can see the full list here. Which games would be on your top 100 all-time list?

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