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Undead Ed chews the fat with DTF [SA Gaming Clan]

DTF are an Xbox 360 clan and are also the great (we use this word way too often when thinking about braaaaaiiiiiiinnnnsssss) minds behind the DTF Squad Rush Tournament [finals should be happening in the next week or so] currently on the go.  Frustrated with the lack of Battlefield 3 tournaments – especially on their preferred platform – they took it upon themselves to get one going.  One, that we hope will be the first of many more.  We let three of their members answer some questions.  They appeared to have too much fun doing so…

When did DTF form?  And how many members were there at the birth?

ZegramZA: The Question should not be when, but rather how did DTF start. LOL

DTF was founded in June 2010 just before midnight by a drunk Randomhobo (then jocovst) and Myself (ZegramZA) playing CoD Blops. We were part of a local clan named PNT4 at the time, and we realised that most of the clan members are never online and did not seem to take gaming in the same manner as us.

 So yes two drunk friends started the clan with oom Nick (HellFire411). We were officially a clan with 3 founders and no members, LOL, but that changed within a week we had 24 Players.

How many members are you currently?  Wanna waste time and list them maybe?  As many personal details as possible please.  We’re not stalkers.  Neither are our readers…

ZegramZA: Well currently we are 20 active Members. Do I really have to mention these freaks, I am not concerned for their safety of being stalked, it’s yours I am concerned about.

aRandomHoboZA (Willem)
ZegramZA (Bennie)
HellFire411 (Nick)
PopeyeZA (Frikkie)
Xfactor1za (Malcolm)
Criptic (Johannnnnnnnnn)
Keepa34ZA (Kevin)
Actaul Noddy (Matthew)
Lionheart520 (Leon)
BabyG87 (Christine) Yes she’s a girl, and she’ll kick most CoD players asses.
Opsis (Ryan)
SonofAnarchy  (Jason)
StuntZA (Jacques)
PottyZA (Charl)
Sandman (Gustav aka GOOSE)
BlackHawk25ZA (Christian)
D Virrus ZA (Damian)
D_r0SS (Marcus)

PottyZA: I didn’t even know that half these people exist :O … OK, that’s an exaggeration; it’s more like a quarter of them.

You guys kind of buck the trend a little by being a Battlefield clan.  What makes that the game for you?

ZegramZA: Well I wouldn’t say we are a BF clan, but yes it’s the most played Game at the moment, we still dabble in CoD and other multiplayer games. But What makes BF special….EVERYTHING,  we get to blow shit up, drive tanks, jets, choppers and it’s a team based game, no lone wolf warrior bullshit, seriously I wish all games are this much fun to play :)

PottyZA: Call of Duty is too mainstream. Hipster DTF, we played Battlefield before it was cool. Heck, I played Battlefield since before DTF existed.

You guys started on Xbox 360and are still there – any plans to try out your skills on the “other” platform?

ZegramZA: Nope not me, I’ll always be an Xbox fan boy, my PS3 is a glorified Blue ray DVD player with a lot of dust on it.

aRand0mHoBoZA: Nah, I doubt it.  I had a PS3 before I bought my 1st Xbox, but back then I was only doing SP. I don’t think the plastic PS3 controller would last one MP session with me. Oh…And no parties!!

PottyZA: Well, personally I have been going a little back to my roots and playing more and more PC (gaming master race and all that) but Xbox is still getting the most of my time. I can’t see the clan moving to any other platform any time soon… except the next Xbox, of course.

Other than Battlefield 3 currently, is there any other game(s) you enjoy as a clan?

ZegramZA: MOH War fighter, CoD Blops, Borderlands 2, Magic 2012/2013, Happy Wars (LOL, No I am serious) and most play Halo 4 now, so I am playing a lot of SP titles.

aRand0mHoBoZA: Mainly BF3, COD (Blops, not really MW) MOH, Halo, Gears…even Magic and as Bennie said, Happy Wars *cough*.

PottyZA: Happy Wars? Did I mention that I don’t really know Zegram?

Does the clan have an organisational structure?  If yes, what is it?

ZegramZA: LOL, seriously, we think and believe we do, but all decisions are made by the clan, yes the founders have final say, but it has never happened for them to override any decisions made by the clan. We really are a bunch of friends, who likes to Braai and drink.

aRand0mHoBoZA: As Bennie said, we make decisions as a clan and only while everyone’s sober.

PottyZA: Our structure is as follows: One person suggests something; we all agree it’s a good idea… Then nothing happens until someone else suggests the same thing months later and is hailed as being a genius.

Are you guys actively recruiting for new players?  If so, how should a potential member contact you and how do you decide on who is right to join you?

ZegramZA: We are not actively recruiting at this stage, but we always keep an eye out for potential players. IF players are interested, drop us a visit on .

Do you consider yourselves a competitive clan, or one in it more for “shits and giggles”?

ZegramZA: We started out as a “Shits and Giggles” clan and we still have plenty of those, but with resent events we became more serious and competitive.

aRand0mHoBoZA: I would have to say that we’re still a social clan full of mates, but moving into competitive gaming.

PottyZA: Who ever said you can’t play competitively AND have fun at the same time?

Won any tournaments you feel like bragging about?

ZegramZA: What, I had difficulty reading or understanding the question. Next Question? (lol). Sadly no silver ware to brag about.

aRand0mHoBoZA: There’s not happening much (Tournament wise) on the Xbox platform unfortunately.  

PottyZA: We haven’t won anything… YET, but anyway, right now we’re focusing on our own BF3 tourney with the help of a certain website on which this interview may or may not be appearing (Zombiegamer, for the slightly slower individuals among us).

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

ZegramZA: I would love to reach a point that DTF is recognised as a competitive clan with a clean and honest reputation. I would all so like for DTF to play a huge role in competitive gaming in South Africa, especially on the Xbox console.

PottyZA: What he said.^^^

aRand0mHoBoZA: Take over the virtual world

Which opposing clan(s) do you most respect (or hate…)?

ZegramZA: Well to be honest I “love and hate” MoM the most, they know how to play the game and they play it well!

Respect to Hi5 and OAP, although OAP never shows up for any games…SOBER

PottyZA: I respect OAP (for being awesome) and CMR (for being awesome in a different, less alcohol-infused way). I wouldn’t say I hate any other clans – then again, it’s all fun and games until someone starts trolling.

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

ZegramZA: Firstly clans and players need to take their gaming seriously, don’t just create a clan because it’s the “cool” thing to do, partake in local tournaments, and arrange local tournaments to create competitiveness. We need to do a lot for ourselves as no one out there is currently willing to do so in the SA market.

Secondly, respect other clans, and players.

Right, let’s have a little fun…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

ZegramZA:  …..seriously unhappy (Sad panda’s)
aRand0mHoBoZA). …Next in line for a liver transplant
PottyZA: Well, realistically, if we had spent all the time we have spent gaming on something more productive then we probably would’ve been rich, famous and… bored, really bored.
ZegramZA: What a NOOB answer^^^

You have a clan mate pinned down by enemy fire.  Back at HQ there’s a hot Swedish blonde offering Swedish back massages at the bar.  Do you send the squad to a certain death to rescue your clan mate?  Or chill at the HQ and have a massage and drink a toast to his “valour”?

ZegramZA: Looks over his shoulder….man that Swedish blonde option sounds good…NHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , Bro’s before Ho’s.

PottyZA: Zegram is speaking for himself there… The Swedish blonde (please don’t be a man) sounds way more appealing than a bunch of dudes who are going to die anyway. :D                  

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

ZegramZA: AC/DC Thunderstruck

PottyZA: Five Finger Death Punch’s version of Bad Company.

Thanks for your time – is there anything you would like to add before you have to go back to the battlefield again?

ZegramZA: Yes, as most of you have seen we launched a BF3 SQ Rush Tournament with the help of an amazing person, who I will not mention (ZD), and we would like to thank all that entered. Keep your eye on our website, more of these fun tournaments are to follow.

PottyZA: Yes. Vote for Pedro

Official Website | Twitter

Please note: Clan Q&A’s can be conducted up to eight weeks before they are published so some information may already have changed.

If you are keen to feature in this column in the future, please feel free to contact us at and we’ll think about – after you’ve sent us a sample of your braaaaaaiiiiinnnnsss.

If you are keen to see more clan profiles by Zombiegamer, you can also head over here.

[Original coverage of this article is available here.]

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