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Retro Friday: A Tribute to the Older Gamer

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I am 33 and a gamer. A person of the non-gaming persuasion would probably say something to me like "grow-up and get a job". Thing is, I am grown up and I do have a job, as do most gamers, since average age of gamers is about 30 and most of us have been playing for about 12 years. Here's the proof.

So we're not some kind of societal outliers, living on the fringe of civilisation as a minority sub-culture. No man, gamers are normal. We are the normal. We're everyone and everywhere. We're your friends and colleagues, your brothers and sisters. We have jobs, families and all the obligations and responsibilities that go with that.

And being like everyone else is killing us. We'll its killing me anyway, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. Being a gamer is hard work. When we were kids, we had all this time to play Streets of Rage, Planescape: Torment and Command & Conquer. Now modern life seems to just get it way of letting us do the thing we love: Play games.

It makes me just want to sit by myself in a darkened room and break into song, lamenting the good old days when all the games were great and comforting like Stay-soft fragranced security blankies. Sort of like this guy, but less pathetic and with better vocal range.

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