Hawken Celebrates Open Beta With New Trailer


If you have been living under a rock for the last couple of months and do not know about the soon to be released free-to-play mechanised shooter by Meteor Entertainment, then just stop for a minute and watch this: 

How cool is that!?!

They are just about to enter into a world-wide open beta period, which gives you , the discerning PC player to get your paws on the title and have your say in finding bugs or any possible gameplay issues that may arise. Don't you just hate it when you are playing a game and you get those random, "If only they did this.." or "why does this happen" moment? Well, now is your chance to have your say via feedback and alter some of the possible minor annoyances before the game goes live. What are you waiting for? Go sign up now...


While you are waiting for your download: Here is a little more info taken from their community site by the producer Jason Hughes as he talks about mounting anticipation, what to expect in Open Beta, and teases what’s to come.. 

Greetings Everyone!

We're just hours away from the Open Beta of HAWKEN! We can't thank you enough for your interest, support and passion for our game. The excitement from you means more than you know and it's a great boost of energy for us; a shot in the arm so to speak. Make no mistake, we've been working extreme hours to ensure this is the best possible game we can make and there is still so much to come; the features on the near horizon are not small additions and we can't wait for you to see them!

Let's Talk Open Beta

Countermeasures, new mech content, performance optimizations, updated UI, a new starting mech, bug fixes, music and balancing! That's just a taste of some of the Open Beta improvements we're excited about. However rather than simply provide a list of everything that's new, in this letter I want to focus on a few related points.

Matchmaking and the Server Browser

One of the hot topics that surfaced during our final Closed Beta event was the removal of the server browser. I want to take some time to explain the reasons we're not going live with that yet. A fair and balanced experience is a high priority for us and the server browser was making it difficult for us to test our matchmaking design thoroughly. Even though it was sometimes a convenient way to jump into a match, ultimately it had a hand in making matches unbalanced, uneven and well… no fun for a good number of players. As a result of its removal we were able to make quite a few improvements to the system and hopefully players will see a difference in the matchmaking experience. Right away you should see changes not only in the balance of your opponent's skill, but also when a player joins match. Also, matches with more players are now favored so this will help reduce the chance a player will have to wait for more people before a match can start. There are other behind the scenes tweaks we've made since Closed Beta and we want the best possible experience for all HAWKEN players and we will continue to tweak as needed.

The server browser is not being removed permanently. We've decided to make its return a part of a bigger social feature plan for the near future. Clan support, dedicated servers and building communities through the server browser is part of our ultimate design and we will have more information on all of this soon. I'm personally a big fan of having a server browser, but we do want to roll it into something special.

Introducing Siege Mode 2.0 and More

We've made some changes in Siege Mode and we're interested in hearing your feedback. We went back to a rule set we had quite a few months ago as internally we found it more fun than the "base tick" version we had in Closed Beta. Bases now have a "health bar" and battleships sit outside bases (once they get there), unleashing damage in order to take their opponent's base health down to nothing. The pacing is better and teams can more easily pull off an upset if they work together. This is just the beginning of a revamped version of the mode coming later which right now we refer to internally as Siege Mode 2.0. It'll build on some of the core mechanics that we really enjoy about the mode but we will be taking it to something a bit bigger. Your feedback on this mode is invaluable to making sure it's the best it can be.

We're also dropping in a few things next week we hadn't originally planned on, some new content that's a bit… seasonal. Just wait until you see, it's pretty awesome stuff!

Patch notes have been published for players interested in more details. I'll make a post in the next few days or so addressing the patch notes just like I did with the last release so you can get some insight on some of the changes we've made and I can answer a few of your questions.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

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